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Mock Orange flowering....again!

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My Mock Orange is in its third flush of flowers this Summer!! I guess it likes all the rain we've had - it's going a bit feral!!

Brisbane, Australia.
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My pleasure Cathy - thanks :))

Thanks Shirley - I just love the perfume too:))) I'm just so surprised that it's flowered 3 times this summer!!


Mine was at it's best a week ago, ( that was when you posted this) and with the warm sun and gentle breeze I could smell it through the house all day, gorgeous, Thanks, Rob.


Lovely flowers!! Thank you for showing us the tree and a close-up of the flowers.


Thanks Morris, smllpkg, Ank, Suzy ( and watch out for the bees!) and Dave:))) LOL! the Possums come around every night Dave - and for a small creature they sure are a real nuisance - and noisy!! They make the most gruff and grunting noises - you'd think they were about 10 times their actual size:))) Thanks :)))


Ahhh...the possums, I forgot about the Possums. And Begonias explain the reddish flowers I saw in there.


Taking a few deep breaths to savor the smell!!!!


Very beautiful. Thanks Rob. ♥


So you get to enjoy all this beauty and fragrance three times. Lucky you!


She's a beauty, Rob!!


Thanks Barb - it sounds like yours has adapted to very hot weather:)) I thought it might get too hot for it to survive your Summer temps!!

They should be around somewhere Lunie - they grow just about everywhere:)))) Thanks :)))


Still have to look for it around not familiar with them.


Love your mock orange bush and flowers collage, thank you Rob :))) Mine is blooming year around in several fragrant flushes :)


A double flowering one would look stunning Dave - and yes, it is delightfully fragrant!! The Lorikeets don't bother any flowers at all - thank goodness - but putting the Begonias on this shelving seems to have deterred the Possums - so far:)))) They ate 4 plants before I rescued one - and I've bought a couple more!! Thanks :))

Thanks Jacki - this one will need a good haircut really soon:)))


it's gorgeous. and the smell of these is heavenly. i did have one at one point. i'm not sure where it went. thanks for sharing yours.


Look at all those flowers! And a wonderful close-up!! I'm guessing its very fragrant, too. I've seen a double flowering one of these too that has double the petals on each flower. It looks like your shelves might keep the lorikeets off the little plants, too!! Thanks Robyn!


I just had a quick look - and you're right Beekay! There are at least two types commonly called Mock Orange - and this is the Murraya paniculata version:))) Your version has yellow stamens in the centre:))) Thanks :))

Thanks snooker:)) I hope Charlie is going well:)))

Great close up photo of it, Rob. Thanks.


I will have to look this up because it is so different than our Mock Orange ours only blooms once (in the spring). This one is a real beauty and quite happy despite all that heavy rain you had.

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