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1 ~ 'Frac Art Spiral' (1/2) - VL

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299 pieces
37 solves
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Colorful Art.

LARGER series.
*Max Level 405 pcs.

Also posted in 91 pcs:


  1. JG54629:08
  2. acw042:31
  3. BERWALTON46:25
  4. Akyra48:56
  5. rudar8250:11
  6. FrugalGranny52:20
  7. CyndiB52:39
  8. olduck253:26
  9. jana1232159:02
  10. lkcolors59:40


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:-O My respect for everyone who can do these very large puzzles!! I'm glad you enjoyed & thank you for leaving a nice comment. :-)

A challenge to assemble....But beautifull.


Wow @sylva deze reus heeft je goed bezig gehouden, mijn respect! :-D Ik hou zelf het meest van 'metallic' kleuren & deze kleurcombinatie vond ik ook erg mooi. Hij komt er binnenkort nogmaals aan maar dan in >100 kleinere versie. Jij ook! Veel liefs xxx :-))


Hi @puzme6 That's nice to hear that you loved it, & thanks 4 these color tips too! I already struggle with 80 pcs, so the thought of 299 pcs.... :-O)) makes my brain explode. My VL respect 4 anyone who can do these Giants. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment & have a great day! :-))

Het is gelukt en was een hele klus: 2:07:03!!! Moest het in 4 etappes doen, verdeeld over de hele dag. Het eindresultaat is prachtig, ik heb nog gedeeltes max. vergroot, om alle details beter te kunnen bekijken, het is zo mooi werk! Fijne dag morgen!:)))Xx


This artwork is so beautiful it’s mesmerizing to look it! I had to do it even though it is larger. My time was about 3 hrs. It’s not as hard as you think. If you normally do smaller puzzles like me, just group by color. I did all the darker green, then the purples, the hot pink, the dark red, the ivory. Then work off shapes. I did it in 3 sessions. One of my favorites of all! ?


Dito Cyndi, it's my special post for those amazing pro-puzzlers. I see someone did it in 29:08! :-O Can't even amagine how they do it. I will post this one again some other time in a lower level. :-)


Very pretty but way too large for me to work.