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Sophie - it's quite sunny outside...

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... but we've got some new furniture that needs a layer of fur.

Just got the towel down in time!
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  1. ljcowles2:11
  2. Impie2:15
  3. Syke2:19
  4. racoonstar2:22
  5. Erzulis2:37
  6. togocat2:43
  7. qwert123453:13
  8. mother1234563:15
  9. wolfwoman3:31
  10. Kayell3:53


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Thanks, Mil - it's been a long time coming! Hope you and yours are OK.


Love the new furniture Kayell, very stylish and the cushion do go with it very well.
Sophie obviously thinks so too ♥


Sounds like a good move to me, Kayell. After all, when you are lucky enough to have not just one but two connoisseurs on tap, why not take take advantage of their combined wisdom? Good Luck. ☺☺☺


Thanks, Impie and Pammi. Now all I have to do is replace my living room seating. Should have been done before I moved house (6½ years ago...) - too much choice...!

Perhaps I should take F&S with me to make the big decisions!


Hi Sophie. You do look so comfortable in that very pretty new chair. Perhaps it now has your name on it? Pleasant dreams, sweet girl. ☺♥☺

I love your new furniture, Kayell. ♥♥


Oh's a tough job, shedding fur on the new furniture, but somebody gotta do it! LOL

I really like your new furniture, Kayell....and most important....Sophie and Ferdy look lovely in it!♥


Thank you both... I've been meaning to replace the previous (fairly uncomfortable) conservatory seating for ages and finally did it!

I'm pleased with it, my visitors are happy but - most importantly - F&S aredelighted!


And needs to be test to be sure it is comfy...."quality control" Okay, and yes, it needs to be "broken in" with a wee bit of cat hair. ;-)) Settee and chair colours/pattern are very nice!


Thank you for sharing this lovely pic of Sophie! BTW the settee is quite lovely also...... I am sure Sophie thanks you!

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