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Loving Summer Pies

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June 19, 2019

Reward for hot trip to the farmer's market - Grilled chicken, fresh squash and tomatoes, lots of feta and basil all atop a thick whole wheat crust.
Result - Record time set for disappearance from the pan.
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  1. laurajane0:19
  2. 1y2n1530:20
  3. popoko0:20
  4. lordmojo0:25
  5. Dilubreuer0:26
  6. andie9830:30
  7. Jyj0:31
  8. wshealy0:34
  9. Miaumiau0:36
  10. siswood0:37


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Napkins at the ready, Suzy. By the by, this can be made on an open fire grill while camping, just in case you ever get the urge.

Tasted as good a it looks, Cathy. Trust me on that!


Toto, that looks so good !!


You do know how to make one drool, Kate!


OK, take care and get some rest (which, like most of us, you probably well deserve).


Thank you very much but I laid in a stock of soups I like. I have stepped up from chicken broth or beef broth. Right now it is just the surgery I need to recover from.


Glad to read all is going well. Do you need me to run over some soup?


My mouth is watering this looks so good. However it will be 5 weeks before I am allowed to try something like this. I did move up to a pureed diet yippee! My surgery was a success.


\('◡')/ I'll make sure the oven is hot\('◡')/


I was surprised at how good this turned out, Beekay. My office is next door to our city's farmer's market, so after work I wandered through the market trying to think of something I could do with some left over chicken. Luckily, one of the first booths was a good friend (and local baker) who had just put together some dough for pizzas. Everything was simple then. But one of these days, I will show up your door step with more pizza dough in hand.


You can cook for me any time Toto :-))


Toto, :-)))))


Raaike, het was zo goed! Jack en ik hadden een levendige discussie over wie het laatste stuk zou gaan.


Mmmm Toto, dat ziet er lekker uit ! :-))) ♥


Sorry, Laura, wasn't even any left over for my lunch tomorrow.


So, there's none left for me??? :o))

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