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Ducks, dinosuars, dogs and frogs...

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with a few stars and stripes for company :-)


  1. bluemucl46:42
  2. Puzzlike54:59
  3. rochey55:12
  4. whitedragon1:04:32
  5. kapatony1:04:58
  6. maripa1:06:37
  7. cricket761:09:10
  8. zaubermolly1:09:24
  9. STARSTAR1:10:38
  10. dkp1:10:53


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Hey, you are more than welcome! I've had a busy two days doing other things so I wasn't able to get back to the mad professor. It's on the agenda for Sunday... stand by to be challenged :-))

That makes me feel special. I can hardly wait until I see your posting creation! Thanks so much!


There is one in the works of The Mad Jigidi Professor's Lab :-) I usually think of you when I do a challenging one.

Thank you. I look forward to some more of your challenge puzzles.


Enough already, sweet Spuddie... you are driving me quackers! :-)))


Dear jusangi, I am so very sorry to hear you have not been able to solve lately. It's good that you are now able to do so and enjoy it too. You do like a challenge! I wish you good health. Take care.


Bob, my first thought was "are you kidding?" but I know you are not! How on earth can you solve this size puzzle on an iPad? I can only hope it's the Pro and not the mini iPad :-)

Well done you for doing what seems to me to be the impossible!


I'm definitely seeing stars and stripes since I've worked this!!! A great puzzzle. Just ducky!!!

Hi, It has been a long time since I have worked on of your puzzles (medical reasons). This was a challenging puzzle for me but so loved working it!

FM: A tough one on my iPad.