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A park that's never lonely πŸ˜‰

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@lelabugosi I'm sorry for the delay of my answer to your post!!! And I'm sorry these guys did not join your little self-chat. Hope they will remember their manners next time - or I will remind them...😠


@Bubble You think so? Hm. We had 5Β°C today and until now never much under 0Β°C, even at night.
(Not that I'd visit a park at night πŸ˜…)


A nice idea Celine - I doubt whether its a good idea to wander around in any city parks, that would be asking for trouble in today's climate. (*ΛŠα΅•Λ‹)


They're not very talkative - I ended up having a conversation with myself for 25 minutes ............


@GranmaJu 😁!

So life like I had to really look at the man in blue trousers.


@fjed2 It sure can be. Mostly it's homeless people that want to sleep; or couples, that... want to be alone; or juveniles meeting and probably drinking... It's not a good idea to wander around there at night. Thanks for your comment!


@jerrys Thanks - I liked the idea, too. All over Witten, Germany you find these 'everyday people' and it always makes me smile seeing them. Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment - you take good care of yourself and your family, okay?! The situation is going haywire here again, so...


@pumpkinhead As usual, you have pinpointed the heart of it all 😁! Please use the same care today in staying safe and sound!!


I have heard that walking in a park at night can be dangerous!


@Heicel What a wonderful idea for populating a park! Thanks for sharing this whimsical delight. Stay safe, well and cozy.


Someone is walking someone!!!


@PatsyNip It's probably the dog that's walking HER! πŸ˜… Thanks vor visiting and commenting!

Or SHE is walking the dog

He is walking the dog

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