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For Mandy

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I went out for brunch with a couple of friends. These were the salt and pepper shakers that were brought to our table.
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  1. monza0064:28
  2. cneads6:00
  3. skpy6:06
  4. Arbonista6:45
  5. jodiejess107:42
  6. oregal10:46
  7. rockpicker10:52
  8. juniperberries10:58
  9. hrlogue11:18
  10. preacherdaddy11:19


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dearest skpy and thatch - i had the pleasure of meeting dear monza - mandy and her hubby today!!!!!!!!!! Was wonderful - they have been on holiday in south africa - natal with her daughter xxx and are here in johannesburg for 3 days - was so amazing to get together - we had So much to chat about - she misses you too and sends her love ♥♥♥ she is well!!!!!! LOTS of love brightspark/sparklightie/spaklies


Take good care of yourself - we miss you but you need to worry about you right now. Take care.

Thanks for the message on my puzzle ThatChipdog - I'm responding with a new alias as I don't want to log in as monza yet... I've not been well, almost like a sleeping sickness, and I think my body is telling me to slow down and spend less time on a computer!! I do plan on returning, and will make more puzzles, but probably not for a week or so. :~))

Skpy - I suspect you'll see this message too (that's why I chose it!) - I hope your holiday was great. I'll "see" you as and when I return :~))


Wonderful!!! Not just because the shakers are so cute, but also that you thought of me and took the pic to share! Thank you so much ThatChipdog :~)))))))))))))


How adorable - I love their simplicity.

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