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Christmas card-cats
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@mauismom Happy Belated Birthday.
Thank you for the second tag. I somehow missed the first tag. That would have been sad, for this is a funny card. LOL... ;-))
Thank you, it is good to be back, I have really missed laughing and smiling, you all bring me a great deal of both. Thank you and Bless you, all. ;-)


@Watchman i,ve put a few more puzzles on my site, as recent as yesterday. enjoy. i'm glad you're back! :) Penny


@mauismom LOL bottle brush. LOL


@morepiecesplz kinda like a bottle-brush? lol


Maybe it will remove hairballs..?


@rswestley @morepiecesplz


LOL ! ! ! ! ! !


@petslave thought you might get a chuckle out of this.
@Surreal_Heidi spelled your tag wrong earlier.
:) Penny


Priceless, thank you. I almost spit out my coffee.


@dhi hope you get a kick out of this. Penny


@lilliwebs this tag never went thru so i deleted it and retagged it. hope your Holidays are filled with good wishes. :) Penny


De rien, BikerKath


I have only had one cat that had a sparkly bum, Thank goodness.


thank you all for solving Maui's puzzle and for the good wishes.
@Bikerkath my Mom's side of the family truly had the youth gene, and i'd like to think that i have it also. 2018 and 2019 really aged me, being in & out of hospitals and rehabs all because of an embedded kidney stone(s). lost most of my strength and stamina. still have my sense of humor. :) Happy belated Birthday, Kath, Penny


Your photo here still has a nice black muzzle! Age is a state of mind, I believe; and I am 40 forever! I am taken for 61, 51 at times, & my Dad was 98 when he died 5 yrs ago, but he Looked 70. I am counting on his genes! I was a mailman, so that kept me fit!
OK, Mail-Lady, yes! I Loved it, walked 11 mi/day for almost 20 yrs in the VT Snow & hot
summers. December was my favorite, no junk mail & gifts on the mailboxes at houses!
I got a Harley at age 48 & rode for 30 yrs! That kept me young & strong! Big 1340! Yup, me, bad to the bone! Think young, stay active, care, smile, learn, read & love...K


I won't say how old I am, Kath, but you are 5 years younger than I am.


OH! @ParsonWayne - WOW, that was a lovely surprise! Merci Beaucoup! Just letting Maui's mom know she's still the kid here! Thank you! You made me smile!! Kathie


Belated Happy Birthday, Kath.


@mauismom - Hey! Happy BIRTHday! I will catch you again on the 4th & gotta say how pleased I was to be on the notification list! I Love this! I was just 77 on 11/6,
so you are still a young one, m'dear! Blessings on everyone! ~~ Kathie


Happy early birthday! :o)


Have a good Thanksgiving, a Happy Birthday, and a Merry Christmas as well! 😍


Enjoy your birthday, Penny. No ifs, ands, or butts.

Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday πŸ₯³


Happy Birthday Penny 😊


@KittyCounselor thank you.
@SPaceDinVADerOne @Surreal-Heidi @landal @ParsonWayne @morepiecesplz @bet43 @PutterDutt @Carol66 @Bikerkath
holiday time is here. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my b'day on the 4th. may your holidays be awesome! love&hugs to you&yours, Penny and Maui-cat


Yep, typical cat. They need 9 lives with everything they get into. Happy Birthday early, Penny.


Pickle09 glad you liked it.


@KittyCounselor @Watchman @Hillsidefarm @Mischka @Donnajames @PutterDutt@SpaceDinVader may not have spelled them right, or tagged all, sorry. Maui 'got' this card for me for the holidays and for my birthday. 72y.o. on Dec.4th.




Maui thought i'd like this card.

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