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This Baby Kitty was born on May 31, 2016

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This Mama Kitty, she's about eight (8) months old herself, somehow got pregnant with these beautiful kitties. Here is one of the babies. He/she is peaking through the blanket I used to cover them up; as it was getting a little cold that day.

They all have beautiful eyes, little white shadows around their eyes, little white paws, and they are just cute. This was the first moment they met a human, as you can see questions in this little one's eyes. They are about a month or so old now. Unfortunately, where I live, I cannot have animals, so sad. I wish that could change, but not going to happen anytime soon. I rescued these kitties that I now have to leave in someone else's hands.

If you had a kitty, what would he/she look like? I think these are the perfect kitties. The interesting thing is, they all have manners like no other kitties I've seen. We used to breed Siamese full breed kittens when I was a child. I have never seen anything like it.

Please enjoy this puzzle, as I enjoyed rescuing six (6) beautiful kittens I can only hold once.

Have a wonderful day today and everyday. God Bless All!
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Escallonia, thanks for the update. It is sad about Little Zoe, but she lives through her little ones and in the hearts she touched. You & your neighbor Karen did yeoman's work and caring!


Hi there babray, cbmuller, Pammi, and mickeyorangecat. First I want to say thank you to everyone for loving animals. A piece of my heart is with each animal on this Earth. And we did what we could and did the very best with care of them. Unfortunately, the Mama Kitty - Zoe was over-loaded being a baby herself and pregnant at such a young age, the Vet said Zoe had too much pressure on her little body. Such a sad ending. But if it weren't for my coaxing skills, the babies may have not been found in time. Zoe took me right to them when she knew what I was requesting of me. I am saddened that my neighbor lost Zoe. This is originally her kitty that she adopted the last week of Zoe's pregnancy. Zoe showed up at Karen's door needing help...boy did she need help; having six (6) babies inside her belly. Karen took Zoe immediately to the Vet upon Zoe's insistence to let her inside her home. But now Karen lost Zoe and is sad, but happy because the kittens are just fine.

Now they are rescued, it's a much better situation. If there was a wand like that, as well Pammi, I would wave it to save animals. Love is the biggest thing we can share with animals. Without love, what good is it? Mickeyorangecat, there is a new case law referencing an Oregon Supreme Court decision by the Justices in June of 2016 - animals are now deemed to be "Living Breathing and Feeling Beings, not some piece of Property like a Suit Case." I was so happy when I found this out! So love, hug your animals and give them so much spoiling that your heart is warm inside!

Please, all of you, take care and enjoy each day. Life is special. God Bless.


Mickey, The best cat in the world, was rescued as a kitten after being very abused by a man. He is still afraid of all men at the age of 5. Thank you for all you and others have done to help these trusting animals have happy forever homes where they are loved and cared for with much love.


What a beautiful, precious little baby. All I can hope for is that he/she has a wonderful life with someone who adores kitties. You are so kind to have cared for these babies. I always wish I had a magic wand to wave to find loving forever homes for all kitties. ♥♥♥


You are an angel for making sure these darling kitties would live! They are forever grateful.

Beautiful baby, thank you for giving them a piece of your heart.


Thank you CarlaMarie. Yes, Mom and Babies both need to be fixed. The Mom belongs to my Neighbor, though. Thanks again. Take care :)

hold on to them until they are 6 months old and get them all spayed/neutered, get mom spayed asap also


Hi there taybaijor. You are so right with that comment. Wonderful saving animals. I just made another puzzle from another photo of the kittens. I sure hope you like that one as well. This was the very second we placed them in the box with the blanket; I was in tears. I have videos on Facebook. So precious! Have a great day!


Beautiful little kitten - rescuing animals is a very wonderful experience. Thank you for helping these poor innocent beauties.

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