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A mite previous? Unbridled Optimism?

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Yesterday I went to Lowes. With 6" of snow on the ground, 6' plowbanks around the parking lot, temperatures in the teens every night, and more snow due this week - they've put out their gas grills, lawn mowers, and plant shelves!
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Mud pit, yeah! I plowed my place, but the lawn beneath the snow was mud, and my plow not only took off the top layer, but the truck left deep ruts. I decided not to plow at the farm; after tonight's freeze I'll go over in the morning and clear the basics with the snowblower.


we haven't got as much as forecast-only 6-7 inches so far. temp is 30 degrees. snow will stop around 8 am. my nephew snow blowed around 4pm. he said snow was so heavy that he couldn't wait any longer. my yard is now a mud pit, but at least it's open if we need to get out.


It's not bad up here. Yesterday's snow came as rain, and it snowed all day today - heavy and wet (temps around freezing) and instant packing (hard to shovel), but not too much of it. The snow is supposed to taper off by morning; we'll see how much I have by then. It's supposed to drop into the 20s, though, so I'm afraid my car will freeze up. It remains to be seen how my electric snowblower will handle it, though, I usually clean the driveway with that, then fire up the plow truck to do the big yard and my parents' place.


Your nor’easter is on the National news right now. Stay safe.


We’re getting rain now. I’m ready for spring. 🌷


Yeah, I hear you got enough to wear out your snowblower.... Ours is a big one - but I'm 6'5", 220, and I can handle it easily enough. We have a massive driveway and yard which we mostly plow, but the snowblower comes out to clear plowbanks, do local cleanup, and maintain paths between buildings. I'm in Northern New York near the Canadian border.


I’m in the Sierras in California.


My SIL blows my driveway with headphones for music on. I bought a Honda walk behind with treads two years ago. It’s small enough to do tight driveways. Sure got a workout this year.


Mowing the parking lot in September, Suzy? Definitely bizarre!

Yes, @Juba1010, a snowblower attachment makes more sense than a plow. Our big snowblower (still at the old place, but I'll eventually inherit it) also has tracks - a Cub Cadet zero-turn. Individual brake levers on the handle to turn take some getting used to, and the clutch is getting a bit worn (it sometimes has to be yanked to get it going in reverse), and sometimes it just can't progress without a lot of muscle behind it, but over all it's pretty useful. I just wish it were quieter. My neighbor's Craftsman is much more civilized as far as noise is concerned.


LOL. We’re people taking pictures of you to post on YouTube?


They put Christmas decorations out in September...I think they are a bit late putting out the lawn mowers and grills!!! LOL

In December, I took my push lawnmower to Home Depot to have the repairman check out my self-propel (it stops self propelling). I tried to take it in over the summer, but they were backlogged. We had to replicate the issue (i.e. have the self -propel stop working), so I was walking in the HD parking lot, in December pushing my lawnmower for about 20 minutes. Surely that is a normal thing to see!!!


They do make a snow blower attachment or a blade. Chains would be needed. Most people around here have bigger 4x4 vehicles or vehicles with tracks for dealing with snow. Our snowblower has tracks. Totally necessary for hills.

Not for the heavy snow that folks are getting. Thanks dondi.


Lawn mowers like this are typically "garden tractors". You can drop the mower deck, add a trailer hitch, etc. In fact, I suspect John Deere makes a plow for them,, and you can no doubt buy chains. Still, they don't have a lot of capacity when it comes to moving snow.


Ianto.....hmm, might want to try it!!! ; ))


My daffodils were just peaking up before I shoveled 4 feet if snow on them.


just a happy thought toward summertime.

Can you put a snow shovel on the front of a lawn mower?


Buy early. Beat the spring rush!! We did turn the clocks ahead today and spring officially arrives next week. They are prepared. lol Thanks, Don.

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