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Walz Tango und Jive

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494 pieces
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  1. inghung1:12:38
  2. rrrenard1:15:03
  3. Temple541:18:38
  4. Dgoodwyn371:26:56
  5. ria_bos1:36:55
  6. Josee091:39:13
  7. slaneartnz1:45:31
  8. jamjam19901:50:23
  9. skpeterson1:51:57
  10. Trishlp1:54:16


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Whew! Great puzzle, thank you!

It is a puzzle from the Wasgij collection Lorraine and they have several artists who draw these puzzles. But take a look at there are many puzzles they have released. Greetings Sandra

Finished! And it will take a long time to see each of these faces! I love the women in the very middle, top, shaped like a Christmas tree on top, only blue!
What an absolute riot this is!!! :) :) :) Lorraine
(Do you happen to know the artist/cartoonist who is responsible for these? )

Up to 78% today! Wow!

Difficult, difficult, difficult! I'm plugging away at 56%

You are a dear! Wish I could get to know you in person! I love the Bible study I attend and my daughter facilitates..Two or 3 of the ladies have the greatest sense of humor and seem to always find the right 'niche' to use it.....Keeps us all on our toes, lovely spirit while we delve into God's grace! I think He must smile sometimes...after all He gave that humor to us as a gift! The faces in some of your puzzles are beyond description! I still love the one titled "Soggy Cakes"...and in center front the lady's sad/defeated expression! I revisit all of them from time to time. :) :) :) God bless....Lorraine

You're welcome dear Lorraine, I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles with a touch of humor :-)

Just found this one with all the great humor! Thanks...Now I'll be challenged to the Nth! Lorraine

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