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Pizza Party Tonight!

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Let's have some fun together. Grab some napkins; it's messy and has things I am keeping secret in it. Perhaps you'll want to grab a slice from another box?
Hugs, smiles, food, and love....
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It looks like I missed the party as well, Sally. Coke Cherry Zero is my all-time favorite soda, so there would have been enough for all. Oh well, I guess some people just can't be trusted!


Oh no, am I too late.... There must be some pizza left over.... I'll bet Judy's got it hidden in her refrigerator along with the chocolate... Fess up, Sweetpea.... Trying hard to catch up, but you all know how that is.... Hope the party was a smashing success, well not too smashing, not easy to clean pizza off the carpet.... You were very brave, KARLS.... There must be some diet cherry coke, my fave, left over, I don't think Gail could have drunk all of it.... 。◕‿◕。I will do my best to make it to the next party, on time..... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。


We're all set. Whatnauts, welcome to the party. It will be fun spending time with all of you. This pizza is not holding up so well, so perhaps one without neckties, carpet samples, and tiles will taste better. I'd best get busy. :-))


I used to love Coke floats, so I'll bring some of those.


Yum, yum - can't go wrong with a pizza party! See ya soon :)))))


Willy, I'm so happy you liked my puzzle. Thanks so much. Since the rain is keeping you from doing things, how about attending our pizza party. It's at Karl's place at 7 tonight. Bring toppings if you want something special. Hope to see you.


The nice thing about bringing your own stuff, everyone can have just what they want, so Cindy and Gail get to the store before you forget what all you want to bring. I will enjoy the pizza, the chocolate of any kind (in fact you'd better buy extra or hide yours from me :-)), and I like my occasional coke. How about root-beer floats? I haven't had one in years? See you soon!


I was enjoy the puzzle and the pizza alot Judy. Love your imagination.
I am happy that you was posting. I have so less time now that it is summer, but we have raini weather for about a week, so.....Jigidi- time.
Thannks so much, ♫☀♥☺


I'm strictly a Heath Bar person, so it's Heath Bar Pizza for me. Ugh on the Pepsi. I'm a Coke Cherry Zero drinker, and I know what you mean about being addicted to it. I'm going to be cutting back and purchased a 12-pack of club soda so I can make Italian sodas (without the cream), so I'll BMO drink. Thanks, Karls, for being such a gracious host.


I'm there! Pizza Party at Karls' place! (•‿•)

Oh ~~~ how I love pizza!!!!! I mostly like ground beef, black olives, extra garlic, pineapple with ham (only ham and pineapple if that's what I'm hungry for at the time) AND AVOCADO!!! Add the avocado just before eating it! I also like to keep any left over in the cold oven over night, warm slightly in the morning and serve with a fried or poached egg on top. It is my understanding that many years ago this was on the brunch menu at the Playboy Club!!! I will bring the Pepsi (not Coke.) Several years I found myself quite addicted to Pepsi! Since I'm not very good at "cutting down" on something I really like to eat or do (that isn't really good to continue,) I have to quit entirely! Some days I wish I could just stop eating completely since I can't cut down very well!!! However, I can hardly eat pizza without drinking Pepsi ~~~ so I treat myself ( not very often) and then I never seem to need it any other time!!!

Anyway, count me in!!! Hugs, smiles and prayers to you, Judy!!!


Gail, that sounds great. Remember to bring a topping. I prefer Snickers myself. :-))


I do second that, Judy. I'm never one to stand in the way of someone else having to clean their house for a party. I'll show up with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes at 7:00.


How fun is this page! Love the people and all the fantasies that could become reality in time..❤️♥️❤️


p.s. KARLS, you started this!! We should meet at your place. I bet Gail will second that. What do we do with the Aussies etc, whose tomorrow is our today? I guess we'll have a really loooong party.


Thanks for all of the input, but no one wants mine. My feelings are hurt. Pout, Pout...NOT!! You guys are a riot. I'll get a whole bucket of anchovies, a huge block of extra cheese, and we'll all meet at Gail's house. You did volunteer, sort of. I've got a great idea. We'll all bring something and make a Toppings Bar, since, Karls, Kossamu, Kirsten, and latifa all want something extra, and Gail is hosting, and I'm bringing the pizza. Just to be sure Gail has time to clean, how about tomorrow evening at 7. There will be games and puzzles to solve. Let's get this party started!!!


What a great time for a pizza party - jigidi time - so everyone from everywhere can be there all at the same time :0) I am with Kirsten - Karls and Eva can have my anchovies too but I love the idea of extra cheese and how about some green peppers and onions too - yum! Thanks!


Yummy! I'll have Margherita please. With loads of parmesan and basil. And absolutely NO anchovies. Karls and Eva can have mine. LOL Thanks Judy!!


My favorite is just extra cheese, lots of different kinds. Maybe some black olives, and that's it. I'm easy. What time should I be there? Or is it at my house? You must let me know so I can start cleaning now, just in case. On the other hand, let's have it at your house!

I love this puzzle, Judy. It's such a neat design. Thanks.


I'm with Karls..a slice with everything plus anchovies sounds so good right now! Thanks for the invite Judy! Fun puzzle to solve! ❤️❤️



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