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My Confederate Rose - 3PM

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Hi, Mo. I have pretty good luck with my hibiscus. I have 2 red ones, a single and a double. They are about 12 years old or so. Bill had to go up on the roof and lean over to trim them back where they were rubbing the house. My smaller yellow double one has never been all that healthy, but when it blooms, it is beautiful. There were always a few houses that had them in town, my Aunt had one for decades, but it is gone now. You can order them from online nurseries I believe. I've never seen one for sale in a plant store, or seeds for them. They are very easy to grow from cuttings and that's all I have ever done. Hugs.

Hi Irena. SO nice to see you visit again. Hugs.


Beautiful flower and photo. Thanks Sue ... Irena


Very pretty. I was not familiar with this flower. Thanks for sharing the various colors during the day. So interesting. Where did you get the plant? I don't think I've ever seen those in the garden shops. Are they easy? I never had much luck getting a hibiscus to last more than one season, then the cold gets to it but I love them.


Never seen a blue hibiscus. That would be so neat.


So pretty. And interesting in how it changes color so quickly. My crabapple tree opens in one color and gets progressively darker over the next 3 days. It's like looking at a different tree each day.
When we were driving in eastern Tennessee we saw a fairly good size hibiscus tree with huge blue flowers. I had never seen a hibiscus get that big.


Hibiscus mutabilis, also known as the Confederate rose, Dixie rosemallow, cotton rose or cotton rosemallow, is a plant long cultivated for its showy flowers. Originally native to SE China and adjoining countries, it is now found on all continents except Antarctica.

Confederate roses tend to be shrubby or treelike in zones 9 and 10, though it behaves more like a perennial further north. Flowers can be double or single and are 4–6 inches in diameter; they open white or pink, and change to deep red by evening. The 'Rubra' variety has red flowers. Single blooming flowers are generally cup-shaped. Bloom season usually lasts from summer through fall. Propagation by cuttings root easiest in early spring, but cuttings can be taken at almost any time. When it does not freeze, the Confederate rose can reach heights of 12–15 ft with a woody trunk; however, a much bushier plant 5–6 ft high is more typical and provides more flowering. These plants have a very fast growth rate. The Confederate rose was at one time very common in the area of the Confederate States of America, which is how its common name was derived. It grows well in full sun or partial shade, and prefers rich, well-drained soil.

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