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  1. cdsmith7:57
  2. naisha9:04
  3. kat931179:31
  4. timvag10:38
  5. Sarahejohnson11:35
  6. bgbull11:52
  7. Nursemomo12:17
  8. viv2315:12
  9. issybre15:14
  10. UteLydia17:00


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Oh, lucky you! They are cowslips! Did you have to leave? We considered retiring in England, but I've become so American over the 50 years I've lived here, but in 2003 we were visiting back there and I insisted my Canadian/American husband visit Cornwall.
We went to Loo and he fell in love with the medieval town on one side of the river.
Stay safe and well during these troubled times, Zoe

We had a house in Cornwall for 12 years. The photo is of cowslips on the cliffs at Trebetheric on the north coast. I love it there.


Hi! Welcome to Jigidi! Do you live in Cornwall? My favorite part of England (born in Hampshire)
Are those cowslips? I live on the Oregon coast in the USA now. Trying to grow bluebells in the garden and hoping the coastal Elk don't eat or trample them if they make it! Don't think I can get cowslips. I like the puzzles you're posting. Zoe

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