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I really got it like this!

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  1. lordmojo0:52
  2. JennyG660:55
  3. Dilubreuer0:57
  4. NTSBusMan0:58
  5. EvaLen1:11
  6. popoko1:11
  7. jigit1:11
  8. cappy1:20
  9. robf1:22
  10. grandmalucy1:27


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I used imagemagick to rotate a different image. It worked for Jigidi, but on my computer the image is 90 degrees to the right. Imagemagick also does not support the meta data that describes the orientation, so an image like this would be 90 degrees to the left, then rotated straight, but the meta data is not corrected, so normal software now sees the image wrong. But I only need to keep the image file long enough to post it to Jigidi, then delete it.

boston_jack son-in-law uses Linux............I could ask him what photo editing app would work with this OS.............if you are interested, just let me know and it will be a will, however, need to sign a contract that promises me you soul........!

My mother-in-law got one with NO burger but didn’t realize it until to far down the road. We have laughed about that for years. She enjoyed the pickle!


At least it’s nicely toasted! :-)

I don't use Windows. I use Linux. On my computer the image shows up correctly, so rotating it would be really messed up. The image file does have meta data that describes the orientation. The real fix is for Jigidi to handle the image correctly. I did send them a request, but can't imagine I am the first to think of it.


Thanks, boston jack. I will try that tomorrow. If I understood you correctly, you can change the pixels so you can post any photo you want. Again, choose your picture, click edit, resize, change the number to 300 or above - and make sure you've chosen pixels - and save. I find this stuff out through trial and error.


..............if you don't have a photo edit app you can use 'Words' or 'Excel' and import your photos place them as you see fit then save as new file using JPEG, BMP or any other format making sure you saved image file is over 300 pixels or jigidi post application wont accept it..........!


I'd like to know how to post a double picture, you know, two pictures side-by-side like a before and after. When I follow the instructions I found, I don't seem to have the necessary choices on the bar.


Thanks for that info, morepiecesplz. I've seen many lopsided puzzles here. Jigidi should be glad you passed that along.

Don't worry, I took your comments as humor.


.............hey jigit...........our comments are not rules of law you must abide by.............don't loose yourself on every word but read between the can eat what where and how your dear heart's called "look at the bright side of life" ............except for "morepieces" that's sound advice, call it a guide to posting photos............
............and to hell with all of us...........hell would be a tad warmer than it is here where I live...........we've been freezing since Christmas...........!


In your picture file, there's a option 'edit' and once clicked you'll get 'rotate'. Don't know if that helps.

I never posted this anywhere before now. It was from March 11, 2018. I should have waited 3 days.
Not looking for any apologies. I guess if I complained I would have gotten a new one or a free one or something. But it only took a few seconds to flip the center bun and it was as it should be.

The reason I posted this is, I needed something to attempt to make my picture look like a puzzle. But no one commented on that! :(

Oh, and it is sideways because Jigidi ignores the picture's orientation.


Of course @jigit, you have every opportunity to post this elsewhere, on sites that might get you more apologies from the franchise. But what I love is that you also posted it here, for posterity!!!!
@boston_jack ... ROFL!!


.............clearly, you have a long road ahead of you..........!

Yes, I should have upgraded to Burger King! :)

boston_jack time take the time and go to a real restaurant...................!

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