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Bufo Bufo - The Common Toad - can live up to 40 years!

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Spotted this wee fella on our Sunday Evening walk. I almost didn't see him. At 1st glance, he looked like a dried leaf on the side of the gravel path. He's playing dead here. Was good at it too - my husky, Indi, didn't pay a bit of attention to him (this is a dog who usually goes after anything, voles, rabbits, squirrels big birds, etc.) I moved him after taking his picture, to the other side of the path amongst the grass / undergrowth on the riverbank. There are lots of cyclists that come along here+he'd have been squished if 1 had come tearing along while he was on the path.
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Yes, habitat is most important for them. Mom put a saucer of water out. We were disappointed that we never saw more - wonder what their territory size usually is, and whether they're willing to overlap.


I was surprised that Indi didn't react in the same way - but I reckon if it had started moving she'd have been straight there! I found a toad in my yard, under the bin couple of years back. Must've snuck in when the yard door was open, which isn't often. Anyhoo, it was November, so I got some leaves+put them in a cardboard box, (12"x6") + he was soon inside all snug for hibernation. Leaned a slate tile over it+ called it Toad Hall. Lol. Would have a sneak peek every so often, to check how he was. Then 1 day in late March, he did a Houdini - vanished! Without so much as a by your leave! They are very good to have in your garden, as they like the aphids and such.
Can just imagine you going back+finding your toad, sitting in the corner of the yard, on a broken old plant-pot throne, smoking a pipe+being grumpy, "They come, they go, they never call, or write..." Lol. ; )


30 years ago we had a toad in our yard. Our dog, always leashed, would get so excited when she noticed it. Funny to think it may still be there! Had no idea they lived that long.

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