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Cotton Flower for Tugman John

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Where are you. Have not seen you in a coon's age????????? 12-29-19...2:11pm


Hello dear Phyllis, it is so wonderful to hear from you. I have thought of you often. I don't get on Jigidi very much these days; life has changed a great deal. I hope you are well, many hugs.


I guess as the puzzle is an older one that you might not see this comment. Hope you are well


So glad you got to see this, Ducky - it really is special, and so fleeting. Jenny was commenting on the inside parts, how they actually have a cottony look. I grew up around cotton, played in cotton field and in big trailers of cotton, and had never before seen this! :-)


What a fantastic photo!! And to think that this fragile looking flower makes those prickly cotton bolls!




You girls are very friendly! ;-) I like the on my site. All friends together! :-))


and likewise sweeet kat xx goodnight for now and lots of love xxxxxxxxxx


Thanks Michelle!! Good seeing you and many hugs back!!!


Hi dear john skpy and kat - wow beautiful photo xxxxxxxxxxx and a good tough puzzle too xxx lol and many hugs to you all ♥


Thank you both! :-))


A beautiful bloom. Glad all is going well John!


She says, yes, this was taken with the macro. This stage of the flower will be gone by tomorrow at the latest!


Well that's handy as she can watch for when the blooms open! :-))



Interesting about the cotton flower: The flowers come and go over the course of no more than 48 hours!!! So Jen has to be ready - this is the first time she's gotten the inside of the flower. I need to ask if she used the macro lens. The cotton field in most of her cotton photos backs up to the back of their property!


A lovely "Welcome Home" jig, Kate!! We are together but look whose on top!! ;-PP

Don't think I like your new computer!! ;-)

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