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Dearest Ardy, I'm so sorry if I misunderstood you, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I did wrong as I'm still learning the ropes here on jigidi. You've always been so very kind and helpful to me when I needed it, and I want you to know that it's very much appreciated dear! Feel free to give me insight on anything here if you wish! :D Thanks for always having my back! Love, hugs and kisses!!!
Oh, and I'm so sorry that it took me this long to get to your comment, we've been so very busy getting the house ready for company that I've barely had any time at all to myself let alone play on jigidi, I miss it terribly and can't wait to get back to it and put puzzles together again! Until then, take care of yourself sweety!


Dear Monica, The only reason I mentioned that birthday cards are usually put in the Themes category is so you would know where to look to see if there were any other cards for you that you had not seen - like Jana's. There's nothing wrong with putting a card anywhere. It's only so birthday cards are easier for the recipient to find.


Hello dear Ardy, thank you for saying so, that means a lot to me that you think that! I went to the site that you gave to me and just HAD to put the puzzle together, it was just too pretty not to! And, it was PURPLE! I know it wasn't intended for me but I still thanked Jan for making and posting it! If Jan made that, then she is so incredibly talented! I wish I could do stuff like that, so very pretty! She is on my favorites list so I probably would have seen it there right? Oh well, that's o.k.! Either way I got to put it together, thank you so much for pointing it out to me! You are always so thoughtful Ardy! You could NEVER be a busybody or a buttinsky so don't you say that about yourself, your just a very helpful/thoughtful person and that's only a good thing! :-)))) However, I did not know that birthday cards were put in the "Themes" category! I'm confused as to why you are telling me this though, did I do something wrong with a card a while back? If so, please let me know! Thank you for being so kind to me Ardy, your a very good friend, your good people, as they say! :D


Monica, I hope I'm not being a busybody or a buttinsky but I just saw a card for you at this profile: Janazlouky. Do you know that birthday cards are usually put in the "Themes" category?


Whoops. I forgot. Maybe you haven't learned to use the link. You could go to her site JiggyBelleS to see it.


Monica, you are so sweet. I was doing Jan's (JiggyBelleS) puzzles and thought you would love this beauty.


Dearest Ardy, I went to your site and put my birthday puzzle together and also left you a nice long note thanking you for it, you are so very sweet for doing this for me, I thank you with all my heart for remembering me on my birthday! Also for your prayers and thoughts throughout all I've been through in these past few months! Your a good friend and I feel so very blessed to have you in my life! Hugs and kisses, your friend Monica!


Happy birthday, Monica. Thought I'd bring this to you. I'm so proud, pleased and thankful for all the Lord has done in your life these past few months. You are a blessing and inspiration to all who know your story. Here's a little card for you:


Bentleyd- Hello Denise, yes I thought that was quite big for one baby bird myself, I'm most sure that mama bird was going to save some of that bug for her poor other baby who's head she basically all but crushed in her haste to feed baby # one! hahaha

A3ana- Hi there my dearest Adriana, I think he will have the headache of the century after mama bird nearly crushing it like that! l.o.l. Poor little thing!!! :-)))))

Ringleader- Hey Ardy, I think your right about that, poor, poor little baby bird! I'm so glad you liked this pic, I thought it was so funny, sad, but funny just the same! Yes, I will definitely be popping in to visit everyone from time to time, oh my gosh ugh, don't remind me, I still can't believe I'm going to be 54, I feel sooooo old! hahaha


Poor baby. It's easy to see who is favored in this family. Thanks, Monica. SO glad you are doing so well. Please pop in next week for your birthday.


achaaaaa poor little thing that wil give him a headache


Funny Monica, what a big meal :-))
Love it :-))


Thanks everyone, I thought this was pretty funny too! Mom is showing a bit of favoritism isn't she! lol


So funny Monica, thanks!


Great photo. Thanks for sharing.


hey, no playing favourites there


LOL! Fabulous, Monica! Thanks!


LOL Mom's showing a little favoritism!

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