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Anyone for Cricket?

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This Akaroa Sports Pavilion is the centerpiece of a large complex featuring sports fields, the Boat Park and waterfront camping. Adjoining it is Jubilee Park and Akaroa Beach. I think it’s kinda quaint. May 2022
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  1. mdrsk0:09
  2. JillianB0:10
  3. Teagardener0:11
  4. Brian6660:11
  5. Ianto0:11
  6. irmachac0:12
  7. PLG19580:14
  8. dobrajaneckova0:14
  9. vfdl470:14
  10. Helis0:15


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Interesting thought Rebekka and yes I can see it, thank you 🤗


It looks like a scene from a movie :-)


Thank you Irena

Putem I agree it is charming, thanks so much

Akaroa is such a charming little village.


Beautiful Monday


LOL you hit that one out of the park for a six tinker, rain has now stopped play time for slumber cheers mate.......B


My pleasure Irena, thank you


Beautiful building in a nice environment. Thanks for the show Jill.


Seems you are never stumped with a reply more likely to bowl a maiden over 😂


Well done tinker I was bowled over with your comment but am stumped for a reply !
Have a good new week mate......B


Sure is Janet, a very popular summer sport here. All our boys (& 1 of our D-I-L’s) played it when younger. I agree with your plan 😄

Patti, I’ve never played it other than on the beach, or in the backyard. We can just watch and have a cold drink.

It is a fine setting daasha, thanks and greetings

Oh yes Sir Brian you describe it so well :)) but no LBW for me I’d rather be caught on the boundary!

Tea um many think so, me well sometimes it’s fun to watch, depends on the game. Glad you enjoyed the pavilion, thanks.

We could watch for awhile then sneak off for a coffee maybe Marina 😊


Cricket! I'd rather watch the game than play!


I’ve never seen a Cricket game, I imagine it’s fun to watch! The sports pavilion sure is an attractive building. Thanks Jill . .


A great looking pavilion Lady Jillian to enjoy cucumber sandwiches and a cup of tea following a great game of English cricket W.G. Grace would be impressed !
Thanks LBW tinker 🏏 ........B

Jill, this is a beautiful place for leisure. Thanks and many greetings. ♥♥♥


I would need someone to teach me. :)


Not a huge fan of cricket myself but yes, it is one of our exports! A pretty pavilion and I can see the attraction of sitting there on a sunny day with a drink in hand


Yes it does Val you can certainly see the British influence here. Thanks and hugs

I agree Voronica it is lovely ❣️

Jerry this is a real hub of the community. Thanks

I’ll definitely join with that Donna!

Oh cool Jerry that would be fun, and I’ll give a Moxie a try!


@BANCKin15 WONDERFUL! It's been a long time since I lived in New England.


I'd bring you a Moxie @jerrys 😊


@BACKin15 I'd be beside ya!


I like this. My contribution to sports would be have a double iced coffee while sitting on that great big front porch! tfp


@JillianB What a great place...something for everyone. Great facility. TFP


Looks like just the place to spend so time on the wrap around porches, thanks Jillian.


Lovely makes you think of the village green in England with all the men in their whites thank you Jill Hugs ♥

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