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An Kurdish farmer heard mewing coming from the chicken coop. Alarmed that his hens might be in danger he rushed in, still hearing those sounds coming from under a sitting hen-
When he lifted her up this is what he found!
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Hello again, babybelle- It certainly was a win/win- The kittens would have died without her-

Kittens like to be warm. Hens love to sit on things. Broody hens in particular. Looks like a win, win situation. lol


l run into images of kittens all the time, Odette- l will send you some- What size would you prefer?


Just catching up! I saw the video too. You know I love anything with kittens!




l wondered the same thing, Donna- It said the mother cat had died- These kitties are not newborns, nor could they have been with the hen any length of time...

Hello, PD- l never thought of it as anything but heart-tugging- but you are right, it is a thought-provoking image-


It's ironic that animals can overlook minor things like species, color, number of legs and so on, yet people can't. Great thinking picture, Jean.

Donnajames, maybe they do what my mother told me I used to do when I was very little: I would reach through the chicken wire and steal the chickens scratch! Maybe they just share with "Mom"! LOL


This is just adorable. I wonder what they eat!! :-)) dj


My pleasure, Helen-


Very nice, my friend~ I think that hen must be a wonderful mother!!! Thanks for sharing with us!


Thank you, VOEX-

I'm glad that you didn't save it for later. A really nice one!


l know Bear- To want to mother and not being able to must be a horror to live with-


It was a lucky find, Donna- Perhaps l should have saved it for Easter-


This is a really good one.

I know several adopting moms!! I really appreciate what they do and have to go through to be a mom of an adopted child, especially when the child is not a newborn!!!


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