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LULU OCT 18 2019

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Lulu's new toy, finally she has something she can't tear apart in under a minute. Her ball is made especially for pups or dogs to 'herd' it around. She loves to poke, jump on it, use her paws to pull it towards her but it's a solid hard plastic and her teeth can't get a grip. It's also a size larger than the recommended size for border collies, just to sure it's safe from Lulu's attacks.
My first attempt at trying to video her playing, didn't go so well but I did get this picture while she was resting, it's a bit blurry so I have to mess around and see if I can fix that. Now I can get more updated pictures to keep track of her antics and progress. (:
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Thanks, she's been a great companion for me and a lot of fun so far. I'll be able to post more now that I figured out the phone camera. (:


What a cutie, Duine! BCs are the smartest dogs, so getting her an indestructible ball to 'herd' is very smart. Keep us posted on her. :o)


She looks to be a beauty.


She's 9.5 months old now. Her ball is 10" wide, not sure if that actually helps to show her size. (:


She's a beautiful dog! Is she still a puppy?

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