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MAB Medel D 7065mm

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A bit more common than the Astra, designed in the 1930s.
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I'm pretty good with 'riot guns' and either buckshot or slugs (I favor the Brenneke). But only on 'ground' targets. Using a smoothbore as a 'gentleman's fowling piece' is beyond me.

if you only know the 870 with 20 inch barrel you know a damn good...that is about all most folks need for home protection...and it is better to be loaded with bird shot tp prevent most of it from going thru plaster board


Bob, sorry you had to get rid of your collection. Mine has ebbed and flowed, at times suffering from poverty occasioned by an attack of marriage. But I know nothing of shotguns past an 870 with 20 inch barrel and rifle sights.

Another nice piece.

i had to get rid of my collection...mostly modern firearms...did have remington 1100 12guage thru 410
hardest to find was 16 guage


Good evening - here.
Most of my life, in one form or another. Close to forty years with a goal, so to speak.
I have a (French) Lebel rifle, designed in 1886, probably made later, but prior to the 20th Century.
Rarest? Probably a CZ 27 with no serial numbers, a sales sample by opinion and guess.

Values from $125 to over $1000. Depends on how badly I want them, how badly the seller wants to be rid of it and how prosperous I feel at the moment. Much like anything else collectable.


..........good day to you Montgomery..........question you have a gun collection......? large is your collection......?........and for how long have you been collecting these firearms.........?........what is the oldest firearm you own......?
............what is the rarest............and kind of value are we talking about.......? well, that's more than one question.........just asking.....!

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