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Exciting but deadly

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Storm driving in IL, lightning hit the mile marker on the side of the road and the brightness caused me to see 5 windshield wipers as the stroke pulsated ...... no further then nine feet from my eyes..
When I got my whit's back next day and went to recover the melted marker post ........ sadly it was gone, presumably by another storm chaser :-/


That would be good, if they did, Sharon!


That's good. Most children run under a tree so they won't get wet when they hear thunder. If you are ever outside when lightning strikes, roll up into a ball on the ground. The chance for survival is greater then. Lightning surrounded my car one time. I couldn't move for a few mins. I don't remember how I drove home. John said there was something wrong with my eyes. He wanted me to go to the ER but I said, just wait about 30 mins. My eyes got right and I felt better. It was so scary. Every time I am at that corner, I think of it. Just because tires are rubber doesn't mean you won't get struck. Touching anything metal in your car in a lightning storm is dangerous. After the people died by lightning, I learned everything I could about it. Maybe someone will read my comments and it will protect them. ❤️


Oh wow, that is too bad. Yes, I was taught a healthy fear of lightning when I was a child.


Hiya Judy. Yes, we get a lot of thunderstorms here. I know two people who were killed by lighting here in Mobile. So sad. Lots of people don't think about it but if you can hear thunder that means you can be struck by lightning! Aug. is the worst month for those storms. ❤️


Do you get many thunderstorms down there? I know you said you get a lot of rain, but that isn't always from a thunderstorm.


You are welcome, Murfy. I thought it was a great photo. Glad you enjoyed it. Sharon ;-D ❤️

mother nature at her finest. what a fantastic pic, thanks peaches

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