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This blanket is made up of four different shades of pink..
It measures 32 X 31 inches and it has more mistakes than I’m able to count and I’m not proud..
It took way too long to figure out the pattern and I’m very pleased to call it complete..
The other half of the blanket has the same colors but where the heart is you see the cat and his tail is on the right side..
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This is just beautiful, Eva. I'm in awe of your talent. You must have a lot of patience. I can't crochet like this (only simple granny squares & rounds), but when I knit I need it quiet if I'm following a complicated pattern, can't even have the radio on! But for easier knitting, I can watch tv at the same time.


The daffodil colored blanket with ducks sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see it. I'm so happy this one has been enjoyable to work on--especially after the frustration with the pink one.



Sharon I’m glad you stopped by to see this blanket you said you were looking forward to see..and…I only have two words for your comment “THANK YOU” and it doesn’t seem enough for your kind and uplifting words….one thing is true….they keep me going…still, I don’t see what I’m doing is as special as everyone says, but then again ….I’m not good at accepting compliments…but I am determined…
My next blanket is almost complete and it has been a breeze to work on and I could work on it forever…It’s a daffodil color with ducks and I’m very pleased with it😊
It will be posted soon 🌼 🤗🌼


Eva, I read all the comments and I can sympathize with your frustration. I crocheted quite a bit when I was younger--blankets, doilies, capes, ponchos, covered coat hangers. But I never tried working from a photo or adapting a pattern. You are too critical of your work. This, like all your blankets, is a work of love. The colors are lovely, the design is so sweet. It is one of a kind. It is special. A very fortunate mother is going to lovingly cover her baby with it and that little one will sleep peacefully under it and dream sweet dreams. I admire you for setting aside your frustrations with this one and finishing it. And thank you for the sweet completion message.


Donna..I have to agree with you and add me to that category 😊 Thanks ❣️❤️❣️


Dobra, you are very kind and I Thank You with a Big Hug🤗..BoBo sleeps right next to me when I crochet and never he tries to play with the yarn..he is so sweet😺
Thank You Dobra and you are correct I am very critical of myself❣️🤗❣️


Janet, I’m so pleased you enjoyed this post and had fun solving❣️ Thanks dear friend with Hugs..❣️🤗❣️


Donna..😂😂😂 …that is one thing I make sure of to fasten those ends very good😊
I wasn’t aware about the Amish quilts but it’s understandable when the whole village work on the same quilt together❣️ I usually have a mistake also, but when the pattern is way off then you notice the mistakes😏…Thanks Donna❣️🌸❣️


Oh Jill if you stood in front of me I would give you a Bear Hug 🤗 and it goes for all the others here❣️ Thank You Jill…and usually I’m proud of my work but it’s hard to take credit for this one❣️ Blessings dear friend❣️🌸❣️


Ada, Thank You❣️ If anyone knows about crocheted projects it’s you and I kindly accept your comment😺..Crocheting to me is very relaxing but this blanket was a pest to work..I’m on with another now and it makes me smile from the pleasure❣️🤗❣️

❤️ Hope your days are getting easier❤️


Shirl, Thank You❣️ If I showed you the other half of the blanket you would see the heart is not looking much like a heart and the same with the cat…but I have to agree small mistakes are made in my projects too😺


Barb, Thank You❣️ This is also the good side of the blanket😺


Gramdrgon, Thank You❣️ I donate all blankets to our local Hospital❣️


Thank You Ardy…you are the most uplifting person I know on this site😺…I’m trying very hard to follow my Mothers wisdom in all things I do..”You will always see the mistake if you don’t correct it!”
I think there is always one little mistake in my creations, but this blanket has too many large mistakes😏…and I have ripped it apart too many times to count and by that I kind of just gave up and this is also why I’m only showing half the blanket😜
You are right saying it be hard work compared to everything else I’ve made which have been a joy❣️ Thanks and Hugs dear friend❣️🌸❣️


Thank You Katherine for your kind comment and it’s all very true❣️🤗❣️


Thank You Merrie for your beautiful comment and I need to rephrase made with Love to be made with much frustration..I’ve never fought a pattern like this one in all my crocheting days and that is why I’m only showing half of the blanket😺..I try very hard to figure out a pattern from a photo and the cat especially just wouldn’t work smoothly.. I’m sure the purpose will outdo the imperfections❣️🤗❣️


Eva, you are very critical! The blanket is magical and your little boy must have been the inspiration for you! :-)


Eva this is fabulous. I love the colours and the cats and hearts. A fun puzzle too. Thanks and hugs my friend. ♥♥


Eva this is gorgeous and I think you should be proud of it, the effort, the time, the generosity, the caring that has gone into it gives it high value. Thanks, hugs and blessings


Be proud of your work whether mistakes or not. You used time and energy to make something lovely and will be just as warm and comforting to a baby regardless of how you feel about it.
To me it's perfect and hard work getting those hearts and cats into the pattern. Good for you!


Adorable baby blanket. I think most of my projects have at least one mistake in it, so I've decided that's what makes my afghans unique. I agree that most people wouldn't find the mistake.


A very nice blanket for a lucky baby....
It looks great to me....

Baby is going to treasure that blanket! All made with LOVE!


It's truly lovely, Eva. Believe me no baby or its parents are going to start looking for mistakes. I would not know a mistake if it waved to me. You do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing your new creation. It all looks hard work to me. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Nice pattern. You're very skillful and productive. :)

Love this blanket! It is truly a work of LOVE, especially as it is double sided! How sweet that it will cover the baby with love and kitties. :-)

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