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Temari Balls_12

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Whew! Between having two different ID's (web1323 & web1323_1) and having 5 or six current themes and being 70 years old, I sure am having trouble keeping track of whether or not a particular puzzle has been copied to Jigidi and posted AND keeping track of which quotes I have used already. Senior moments galore, LOL.

So... if I goof up and repeat a puzzle or a quote, please give me a good tongue lashing and I'll try to do better in the future.

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  1. Monkito1:45
  2. Troodle2:04
  3. LLN2:05
  4. mm602:09
  5. MikeRita2:13
  6. web13232:42
  7. berley332:42
  8. Sagewarrior2:53
  9. martiny2:53
  10. leahyriehm23:01


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Thanks, Liz. When I am solving someone else's puzzle, I find myself wondering what the original looked like and trying to picture it from what I see in the kaleido. Not easy on most kaleidos. Many of them actually are constructed from a relatively small portion of the original. That's why I often include a small inset of the original on my puzzles.

As far as senior moments... My theory is that over the years my brains storage capacity has accumulated so much information that it's like a computer hard drive that has gotten too full. With all that vast amount of data, naturally, access time has slowed down, lol.

AND! When I walk into another room and can't remember why and have to go back and start all over, it's just my body's very clever way of making sure I get a little extra exercise! :)



How clever of you to include the temari ball. I love these puzzles! [And as far as "senior moments" go, all I can say is: "Over the hill? What hill? I didn't see any hill!"]


Well gosh, LBC. You always say the nicest things. I appreciate it... Thanks!

Far from a tongue lashing, I'll give you a nice pat on the back for creating such marvelous puzzles. This one is gorgeous! Thanks.

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