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June 19th is National Martini Day

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From the wisdom of the Foodimentary Calendar.

Five Food Finds about the Martini:

A classic martini is gin or vodka, a splash of dry vermouth (French-white) and an olive or a lemon twist garnish.

Italian immigrant bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia in New York City is said to have invent the drink around World War I.

If a Martini is shaken it is said to be 'bruised' or watered down. Many say stirring the ice will help chill without adding water to the mixture.

Many think the martini is derived from a British-made rifle called a Martini & Henry used by the English army 1870s because of its 'kick’.

It is said that John D. Rockefeller 'brought the Martini to Wall Street' thus establishing the '3 martini lunch'.

Today’s Food History

1912 The United States government adopted an 8-hour work day. (I'm still waiting!)

1931 The first commercial doors operated by a photoelectric cell were installed on the swinging doors between the kitchen and dining room of Wilcox’s Pier Restaurant in West Haven, Connecticut.

1941 General Mills introduced 'Cheerioats.' The name was changed to 'Cheerios' in 1945.

1987 Ben & Jerry Ice Cream introduced a new Ice Cream flavor, Cherry Garcia.
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Vodka plz :)


@Jigsawfanatic, you are always so kind, sweet, and polite! I thank you. I try very hard to enjoy the larger part of every day. Sometimes it's 50/50, but I'm a happy person. I enjoy your comments, and you contribute to my happiness.

@TrudyTai, I haven't had a cocktail in at least a few years, though I do like Cosmopolitans. (Also satisfied with plain cran-vodka.) And who doesn't love a margarita, especially with bowls of nacho chips and salsa? But for many years now, except for occasional excursions to late-night Ladies' Night at Bougainvillea's, a nightclub in downtown South Miami, I've been mainly a white wine drinker.


So glad to hear that, Mischka. I love to see you happy.


Lot of good information there, Mischka. Hope you enjoyed your day.


Rather than a Martini I'll go with the Cherry Garcia.


@TrudyTai, either is fine -- perhaps you find one or the other faster to type -- I know some Jigidiers prefer to keep their anonymity.

DJ, I will eat all the olives! :-D


You can have my olives...I do not like them.


Do you go by Fiona or Mischka? I will join you and Donnajames with a martini as it IS a National Day. My martini of choice is a Cosmopolitan made with either cranberry or pomegranate juice. But my most preferred drink is a margarita.


I had a martini once. I asked for six olives. :-)

My grandfather worked for HUD and arranged the building of a lot of residential areas in Dade County. He was definitely a 3 martini lunch guy.

Hoff, Florida Man strikes again: A resident of Plantation, FL, is spreading a petition to rename it "Jacaranda" to get rid of the racist memories. Well, it's true, Plantation was founded for citizens who liked the idea of No Blacks Allowed. But the cost will make a lot of tax-paying residents say no. I'll let you know what happens.


I'm not really a martini drinker, but if you insist, I will take vodka - 'shaken...not stirred'!

Never had the 3 martini lunch, but have had the 3 marguarita lunch!!!! Didn't really feel like going back to work anyway!!! :-))

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