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The Real Tooth Fairy

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In December I went to an endodontist. On the front desk was this cute little figurine. I was told it was based on a photo of one of the original founders of the clinic, now retired, in a Halloween costume he had worn one year. The artist who created it and signed it on the bottom is Gene Simmons from the music group Kiss. Simmons is also an artist in his own right, having drawn and sketched and painted since childhood. A couple years ago he had an art show in Las Vegas.
I thought it was the cutest thing. When I went back to my regular dentist I was telling them about it and showed the pictures. His hygienist is friends with the endodontist on whom the figurine is based and said it does actually look like him, minus the tutu and wings.😊
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Have a beautiful day and evening ♥






You are welcome, @Bubble


This is so original and cute Sharon - thanks for posting it. (ᐤ❣ᐤ)


@eagleboi He must have had a great personality and a good sense of humor too. When I asked about the figurine, several people piped up to tell me about it and him. He's retired now and it sounded like they miss him.


What an imagination the Dr. had, wow. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, Heicel. I thought this was the cutest little tooth fairy.


Adorable! It almost makes you wish you had teeth to lose (or too loose?😉) just to have him visit! Thanks for finding this precious motiv for us!


Thanks for your comments. I wish you could see this for yourselves. It would make anyone smile.



Thanks for the great story! The retired founder must have had a great sense of humor to dress up like that.


Awesomely cute figurine! Who knew Gene Simmons had real talent?


Interesting story! Thanks for sharing it. :o)

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