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This summer Sue and I drove a few miles up the road we live on to a lavender farm. It was a pretty popular spot that day. The owner said they were expecting roughly 2000 visitors over the weekend. This young lady is choosing her own Lavender to pick, then purchase the flowers from its owner.
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  4. flyerman854:18
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  6. olando4:33
  7. efeneza4:37
  8. hugs4:58
  9. DiBatten4:59
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Great to know the fields shown here are in rows, as well as all the other Lavender fields. Thanks, Terry.


What a good thing lavender grows in rows!!


Terry thanks for letting us know the lavender fields are planted in nice straight rows. I know here when the Blue fireflies come out people have trampled all over the fields and ruined part of them. They have no consideration. Cyndi


Lia and dblay, all the lavender fields we have visited in our area are planted in nice straight rows. There is ample space between the rows for folks to walk, view and even harvest the lavender they want to purchase. I know of no cases where folks stray out of the open area and damage the flowers. Terry


Gorgeous photo. Hopefully people will be mindful and not trample the Lavender down. I never heard of anyone here in the US having a lavender farm.


Remarkable photo!!! The close-up shows the face of the young lady picking the Lavender and with the shape of her mouth and the attention she is giving to her picking, she means to get a GOOD bouquet of these beautiful flowers. (ha) I too hope these folks who pick these flowers AND those in Holland will consider the work put into these crops and NOT MESS THEM UP! Don't know about this place but surely those tourist in Holland can READ!!! Not thoughtful of them at all to trample the work of the farmer. Loved doing the puzzle and THANK YOU both for sharing this tremendously-beautiful picture.


Lovely to do that!
As long as you don't go IN the field and tread on lots of flowers untill you've found the perfect ones!
That's what is happening in spring in Holland with the bulb fields (tulips etc) with all the tourist coming to see them.
People want to take pictures / selfies and walk into the field, treading on the tulips, killing the bulbs, that are the farmers income.... and not understanding at all what the problem is! Why shouldn't they be allowed to go to the middle of a flowerfield?? Big signs all around don't help at all!

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