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Rhubarb Crisp 5.19.2024

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Rhubarb Crisp is a family favorite.
And yes, I know it's not healthy, but it sure is good!
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  1. Dclo1:57
  2. MNBrown2:32
  3. Miaumiau2:47
  4. Ianto2:59
  5. Dragon4983:03
  6. morris1863:05
  7. jals3:21
  8. jxner3:26
  9. pasta3:39
  10. 10saws3:58


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It does seem like it is either feast or famine with garden produce. One year everyone has way more zucchini than they can use, and they're begging people to take some. So the next year you don't plant it, figuring you'll just enjoy the "extra" from someone else. Turns out it's in short supply. lol


That's quite a sweet offer, Judy. How about we drive there and I bring YOU some rhubarb? We always have more than we need. :)) '💞


I shall try to save you some. But you should probably hurry.

puzoz this is oatmeal, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon.

Bobby, that's how we eat it.

gmanite I always love the sweet and sour combination.

Thanks, Jill. I've seen crumble being used, but didn't know it was the same thing. Good to know.

That's craziness. The food prices now are ridiculous. Milk is very expensive.
The Laura Ingalls Wilder story is funny. I don't think I've heard of it before.
My sister said she didn't care for it either. She said our grandma used to freeze it and then give it to them like it was candy. ha ha ha ha Oh, grandma!
I don't remember that so maybe someone had a talk with grandma. lol

I thought I would say it first because there's always someone that comes along and mentions that. ha ha You know, get out in front of it.

I agree! What's the point of living if you don't enjoy it?

You should drive here and you can have all you want.

mnbrown, C'mon. It's not going to last forever.

I like that combination, myself.

My mom's sister lived in Texas for the last part of her life. Of course it was too hot there for rhubarb. When mom would go to visit, she always took her sister plenty of rhubarb. My mom grew up in Minnesota also.


I'd forgotten about this. Rhubarb doesn't grow well in Arizona. But I grew up in Minnesota and my mom had some in her garden. The rhubarb crisp she made was one of our family favorites too. Yum. I can almost smell it and taste it!


My dad loved Rhubarb and strawberry pie! This looks yummy!!


And here it is! I'm on my way! 😃✈️


WHAT??? Rhubarb is a vegetable!!! EAT MORE VEGETALBES!!!!!!

(Our plot of rhubarb still has a short while to go before it's ready to pick).


It’s important to balance out the healthy with the happy. :-)


YUMMM!!! What is unhealthy about "Spring Tonic"?


Our grocery store had a "sale" on it last week - $2.37 for ONE stalk! By the time you cash in your retirement fund and take on a second mortgage to buy the sugar and strawberries, it's really a once in a lifetime treat! I wondered how many people had any idea what to do with it, or have any interest in baking from scratch these days. When I was a kid we had a big clump by our back porch, but I never learned to like it.

And finally, I recall a Laura Ingalls Wilder story in which she was a young teen, but helped make the noon meal for all the men working hard at spring planting. She made the rhubarb pies... and forgot the sugar! The men kindly lifted the top crust, put on a liberal layer of sugar, and ate it, no complaining.


Looks really great Judy. Here we call it Crumble, so Rhubarb Crumble, Apple Crumble etc.

HUMMM, That looks good, my favotite.


Healthy, who cares! I'll have a nice scoop with some vanilla ice cream.😁


I took some to our church potluck today! And my daughter is taking it to another one this afternoon! Ours have oatmeal topping.


Keep it warm, please - I’m on the way over 😁

It looks healthy enough to me - it has fruit!

Thanks for whetting my appetite, Judy 😊 I must find a munchie!

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