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Big brekkie

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Posted on Reddit by PrismaticReality, who says the meal was at "a random cafe find during a day trip out all over Sydney."

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  1. Ribs0:17
  2. Cootje600:18
  3. Navea0:21
  4. LadyElle1340:26
  5. Ianto0:27
  6. treker0:28
  7. Dieterle0:29
  8. wshealy0:30
  9. LisaPuzzle0:30
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That does not look like slab bacon. It could be back bacon, but I am not sure. Given it is an English breakfast, it could be any one of a number of meats like kidneys....


@mauismom - Good morning, Penny! The photo was taken in Sydney, I guess Australia. Beans for breakfast is a habit of the English and the various lands they colonized. I prefer them to cereal flakes! I assumed the coffee had cinnamon sprinkled on, but I don't know.

As usual, dj, we will have to share! Those eggs are too well done, though. I hate fighting burnt whites with a fork. What do you suppose those meats are? It looks like sausage to the left, but the rest should be bacon. Do you suppose it's thick-cut? Or is it chicken, lol?

The English eat beans and kidney and other delicacies.


Coffee might be instant coffee (if you call that coffee). I have seen that happen before with that stuff.

Waaaayyy too much food. I have to let my stomach wake up first. LOL dj


Yummaroony !


why does the coffee look foamy? why beans for breakfast? avocado looks good, i,d eat that. otherwise, no.

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