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I want to harvest these... (1 of 4)

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rain drenched cherries
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Just so you all know It can begin to ferment. Cooking will stop it but it adds to the flavor. Do not put it in the fridge. just let sit out covered in saran wrap during the process.

WOW!!! ☺


We made at least 3 pies at a time. The out doors container was a pyrex clear class bowl or pie plate. The length of time out side depended on the temp.


Wow, fabulous.


hmm, Ken, interesting idea. I should try it.

Yeah, Judd, the tourists pay at least that much at the fruit stands.


Yum. $4 per pound here.


Pie making time!!!
As a kid we would pick our own then clean and pit them. Then put them in a wrapped dish with sugar and a touch of lemon juice outside in the sun for three or four days. Then bake the pies.


that's good to hear they are doing well. Hope you are, too!


Awww you remembered! Boru us perched on the upper kitchen cabinet way overhead waiting for me to get them treats. Fergus is far more practical and is tapping me with his big white paws to hurry me up. They have grown very sweet with each other now.


Would that be Alanis Morrisette irony, Ly? how are Fergus and Boru?


I just ate some cherries - ironic!


They are about a month late here.


My preference is sweet and this has been a good year for them. The season started early and the quality is wonderful. Now I need to go to the kitchen and get a handful!


these ones are sweet. Not icky sweet, perfect sweet. And yeah, that stuff is 'crappitch' (GREAT word).


These look gorgeous! I hate "cherry flavored" crappitch. Give me a tart cherry any day! :o)


I saved the ripest for last and when I picked it up it was all yucky and I had to throw it :( better make another trip to the fridge in the garage (in this RAIN!).


My mouth is watering!!!


I have a Tupperware of some I picked a few days ago sitting between my hands as I type. Too bad you are 1/3 the way round the world, Fay. (more for MEEE!) (chewing a cherry)

Of COURSE I would share with you!


Oh Mazy, they are aMAZYing, I would love to EAT them. Thanks for sharing......I think. Fay.

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