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Yesterday was a pretty nasty day. The high was only 41°F, and it was windy. At least 5 times during the day, the wind picked up, gusting to 20-30 mph and dumping this odd pelleted precipitation.

It wasn't really hail - hail is ice, and you should be able to hear it hit a metal roof. At the same time, the pellets were awfully big for sleet - up to 3/8" diameter. They were ice in the middle, but the outside seemed more like wet hard-packed snow. "Slail"?

The first time, I went into the grocery store, bought my groceries, and came out to find the sun shining and the cars covered with this stuff. Thus, I was somewhat prepared when it happened again. Still, all afternoon it would switch from cloudy to sunny to "slail" squalls.
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We had snow.


We had Slail all day alternating off and on with bright sunshine.

Thanks Dondi, my new word for the day "Slail" squalls.


What in the slail is going on here ?

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