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Starving Dog

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I took some frozen chicken wings out to defrost for dinner. He was out side but he knew, could smell them. Now he has planted himself Centre Stage until he gets some.
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Well that is one hot puzzle discussion..
I knew about the share buttons, but I did not know they had added one to Reddit.

I wonder if that is why I have noticed some new members with snarky comments.

I think some Jigidi members don't quite get that every puzzle page, public, private, published or not can have their https://www copied and pasted in an email, text or posted in a blog and that any reader of that post can click on that address and instantly see your puzzle.

Thanks for the heads up, Mat


The affair is over, the dog got fed, crisis averted, all is well, it was just a sorry state.


A sorry affair of states , indeedy ......... or is that state of affairs?


Mother12345, TC is so funny, even for a cat :3


Gemstone, my cat would insist on inspecting the can of peaches then stomp off in a huff..


GojuRyu, you missed the joke, this dog is nowhere near starving, he is strong, fit and well fed.

I laughed at your comment Thomas Cat!


Poor, neglected babies! LOL ;DDD

I always remember one cartoon from The Family Circus...mum is opening a tin on the electric can opener and the cat is running into the kitchen hell bent for leather. Mum's response is: "Sorry, it's only peaches!"


At least we know his nose is working, if fact it has superpowers..

Tink has been watching every move from under the table. There is no such thing as only one dog getting a treat and not the other. Even if one gets eye drops the other has to have some too.


Tink can't be far way.


That poor little dog looks so thin and emaciated it's a wonder you don't have the Humane Society on your doorstep!!

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23 April 2020 - 3 April 2018
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