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Claude Monet - Caricature of a Man with a Snuff Box (May17P02)

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When Monet was 16 he was already well-knowned for his caricatures. He said that he has earned significant amount of money by drawing some of the folks of Le Harve.

Every Sunday, when 5 or more of his new caricatures hung in a farmer's shop window where the Le Harve townsfolk would gather and had a good time laughing when they recognised themselves or their friends.

3rd of a set of caricatures by Claude Monet. Please enjoy and have a good laugh.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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Glad you have found this one, Niccolino.

Thank you for your kind comment.


Gotta love Monet! This is my favourite caricature.


You are welcome, Bubble.

I am happy that you like this set of caricatures by Monet:-)

Best regards, Jason.


Funnily enough, Jason, this one looks quite contemporary and reminds me of a modern day actor - thanks for this great set. xx (❀ᴗ❀)


You are welcome, Morlee. Glad that you like this puzzle.

Welcome to @jasonchung - my puzzle page for Monet paintings and photos sourced from the internet.

Just had to try this. Loved it.. Thanks Jason


Glad to be of assistance, Parson.


Thanks.Now I know how to direct people to MY other postings also. They are at PWH


Parson, click "By User" on Jigidi and type jasonchung2 and then press Enter, or just click on


You will be directed to jasonchung2 Profile Page and will be able to see all the puzzles that have been posted under that account.

Warm regards, Jason.


How do we find the jasonchung2 puzzles?


You are most welcome, Lin.

Keep smiling, and continue to take good care of yourself and Kristi. Both of you are on my prayer list.

Nowadays, I am more active at jasonchung2 where all the puzzles posted are drawn and coloured by me. Do take a look at them and let me know if you would like to solve any one of them in a much smaller size and I will post it or them for you as a Private Puzzle. I do hope that you will like the "Thank You Solvers" puzzle which is a picture and not a mosaic puzzle.

I create and post mosaic puzzles for some "mind exercise" as the complicated ones require focus, patience, organisation and perservance. I personally feel that the huge mosaic puzzles help to build more brain pathways and develop better memory and more patience. They seem to have done that for me, so I hope that in the long run, it will be of some help to others.

Of course, I like painting and photo puzzles, too, and will continue (for the time being) to post Monet's paintings as and when I have the time for that as I am quite particular about what I post and comment on.

Warm regards, Jason.

TX94 GOODNESS!!! Jason these are wonderfully fun and funny! Can see I have a lot to catch up on my friend - as well as newly posted Monets! My chosen puzzle of the day; it DID bring smiles. For which I thank...YOU♥


At least his caricatures do not look so bad as some that I have seen.


Laughter and happy smiles! ☺♥☺


Thanks, Rita.

Few of Monet's caricatures were commissioned. Most of them, he drew to amuse himself and because he could sell them.

He is good at drawing caricatures. But, I am not one who appreciates caricatures, whether by Monet or by any other artist or painter. Perhaps, because I do not like to make fun of others nor do I like others to make fun of me.

My first reaction to caricatures when I first saw them in Europe and recognised that the artist has drawn some very famous Hollywood filmstar was "Why does he enjoy ridiculing them?" "Why must he make a person look terrible when they are quite good-looking"? "Why must he emphaise the most unattractive part of a person's face?"

Perhaps my reactions and thoughts sprung from the fact that I always like positive things and never like negative stuff. I am not saying that caricatures are negative. It is just that they do not bring out the beauty in a person for me to appreciate.

Of course, caricature is also another art form and many people like them. That it OK with me.

I prefer his paintings as well.


Thank you for visiting, Rita.

He was an artistic genius.

I prefer paintings to caricatures. I post these just for a change and to showcase another side of him.

I didn't realize either, that he drew caricatures. Great to see a new side of him. Imagine doing this kind of work when only 16? What a genius!! Thanks.


Rita, I do appreciate these type of artists. They have very deft and nimble fingers. I had my silhouette done when I was in Australia.


I have been in the amusement park, where one artist with scissors cut paper profile picture. He was very gracious. I still remember him with gratitude.


You are most welcome, Rita.

Some people asked Monet to draw caricatures of them, while some of the caricatures he did it without their knowledge (at least when he was drawing them), for example, his teacher when Monet was attending his class and was feeling bored and would rather be outdoors.

Rita, I would not like to be a model for a caricature drawing. I have seen caricature artists when I was in Europe and Australia (among other countries) and I never dared to approach any one of them.


You are most welcome, Parson. Glad that you love these caricatures.


Caricatures are always fascinating in many ways. This is now so well-known artist made these, that they are, of course, brilliant. But the more I admire the models. They must be very self-confident to endure the laughter that the image undoubtedly causes. Thank you Jason!


They are new tio me, too. LOVE them. Thanks Jason.


I am happy that you like all the 4 sets, Jeri. Glad to have found something new for you.


I love these ! New to me !!

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