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Fishing opener

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Wisconsin fishing opener on 5/4/13. Northern lakes are still iced over as are many of the lakes in Northern Mn. Mn fishing opener is scheduled for 5/11/13. Don't know if it will happen.
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  1. GJST2:18
  2. Ianto2:30
  3. NewSong2:37
  4. riuskaria2:40
  5. wilddog2:48
  6. dukeycash2:57
  7. wigma3:02
  8. ladena3:03
  9. Sueannmedland3:26
  10. feederjohn3:31


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All alone, but he is happy.


Morning roerick3 I liked your snowman on the dock fishing
He won't melt in those Minnesota winters. Its 30 here in Allen Park Michigan. I'm about 8 miles south of Detroit, the first big city to go bankrupt, I'm like you, how do these people do these puzzles so fast? I see the fastest person did this in 2:18, It took me 6:59. The only time I get on the leader board is when I do my own puzzle that I haven't published yet. As soon as I publish it my name disappears off the board. I hope your feeling well this AM. Thanks for commenting on my kitty rug puzzle, Jim.


I don't know if I ever solved your puzzles before. Now that I know where you are I will be checking them out. Thank you for commenting on my puzzle. Karen


Rosie, is your new avatar by any chance your new doggie???????? Kathy


Any word on your possible adoption??? Libby ;-)


I have a college friend ..who lives in Bethesda . In this world it would be silly for me to mention his name-Dan-he was head usher at National Cathedral..That's all for now thanx for snowman. DIANE FROM N.J.


roerick is your state Minnesota ? i am not up on state abbrevations jb:-))


Well, thats good humor on someones part. Glad its warmed up for you!


My main hobbie is fishing but this is just to cold thanks for the fun jb :-)))


Too funny, but sad, Rosie! They rescheduled the WI opener to the 11th. I don't think our bay on Lake Superior will be open yet. There's still lots of ice on it. The snow on our land is basically gone now, though, and I was down in St. Paul on Monday night, and things looked good there, too. I think there really is hope now!


Thanks, ladies, for your kind comments. HeyJudeNM, I'd be laughing too if our temp would just stay above freezing at night for three days in a row--and I'm saying at night. Thanks, Mary. Rebecca, first you have get to the ice to get them and the ones they can fish for don't come out and bite when it's this cold.


Latest convenience food - already frozen when you catch it. :)


I love the snowman Rosie, thank you for sharing.


Rosie, this is really funny. I can't believe how cold it is when we hit 91 last week. Now we are having a cold spell--in the 60's. I guess that's not so funny in your area. You posted the perfect picture, and I love it. I'll probably revisit it when it really gets hot. Thanks so much.


Thanks, Sue. I know about blackwhitesepia after seeing her plaid posting but did not know about her other profiles. Will check them out. Thanks for the info.


If you were missing Josie's plaids, it is because she took a break and used one of her old profiles - blackwhitesepia - to post some great black and white photos. Other old profiles include byrequest and horsesforsue and blukat.


JC and Jan, So glad you enjoyed this puzzle. My nephew-in-laws (notice I said plural) went to Wisc. for the weekend and found iced over lakes---all of the three they like to fish. Some other guy showed them their snowman and my nephew took a picture and sent it to the family with a little note canceling the fish fry this week.


Rosie - I have to laugh! This is hilarious.
But, I also have to cry for those of you still in snow! Did you see JCarroll's little snowman? He's got the darned white stuff, too!
I almost feel guilty squinting at these puzzles through bright sun. Almost!

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