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Some of the birds that have visited us this year...

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...we had this made into a large canvas print - 1metre by .5metre.

Brisbane, Australia.
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Wow! You are so lucky to attract all these colorful visitors.


My pleasure Cathy - thanks :))))


That's a great collage ... and a great idea to make it into a canvas print !!
Thanks for sharing. ☺


What a huge canvas Robyn and what a great idea ! All those birds are so colourful .Wish we could get half of them around here but we just have greedy bluetits ,nuthatches,and a red-headed loggerheard shrike and of course sparrows and swallows (in spring) .They share our fir-tree with a lovely red squirrel..


Thanks LBH, Floyd and BK - it sure would be hard to pick a favourite BK:)))))


This is a colorful collection. I'd never be able to choose a favorite!


WOW!! They are beautiful birds.


Wonderful collection! Thanks Robyn and Jeremy :)


LOL!! Thanks Dave:))))) I don't think it's QUITE up to their standards:))))) LOL!! I also can remember when we first put up the feeders:))) Boy... have they made up for lost time now!!!!! Thanks again my friend:))

Thanks Laura:))) as soon as we got it delivered we wanted to change some birds around!!!!


This is great, Robyn!


I still remember when the feeders first went out and the concern if anyone would come to them... :))


Absolutely fantastic!! You should send a copy of the photo to National Geographic magazine! Seriously!!


You sound like you have a nice variety too Kirsten! We hear owls hooting quite often - but rarely see them. The once-only visit by the yellow Regent Parrot was the biggest surprise though - their habitat is NSW/VIC border area and southern WA - so I think it was an aviary escapee!!! Like you, I never tire of them:)))) and it's good to see the parents feeding the fledglings:)))) Thanks - and Happy New Year!!

Thanks Lorna and Patti:)))

Then I feel privileged Allie:)))) Here's hoping you get a clean run at solving - there's nothing more frustrating than gremlins in the system!!! Thanks:)))

Thanks Suzy, smllpkg, Marian and Gracie - glad you all liked the birdies:))))


What a great idea Rob! this is beautiful and so colorful!


What a wonderful thing to have a canvas print of this beautiful collage of the birds.....


Nice job on the collage. Great idea to make a large print of all your visitors.


A delight to the eyes! Making it into a large canvas print was an incredible idea. Gorgeous!


Lovely collage - thanks Robyn! It's my first puzzle today - site is not letting me do them sometimes for some odd reason.... and have stopped doing large ones because pc keeps crashing just as I am finishing them - that does not happen with the small ones.
Lovely birds - Thanks x


What a beautiful collection, Robyn! I love it!


Wow, what a great variety and fabulous photos of them Rob! I love your idea of the canvas print of them too.


I always feel so privileged that the birds come into my garden, Rob. I get many of the same as you, only no Indian miners (thank goodness), loads of noisy miners, the occasional wild duck, and last year I was visited by some King Parrots!! I also have a pair of Tawny Frogmouths that return to one of my large gum trees every summer with their young. I hear them "growling" at dusk, and they get quite fidgety as they prepare for their nocturnal hunt. I adore them. And love that ferocious glare they occasionally give you, and they way they pretend to be part of the branch they are perched on when they feel alarmed. I always tell them I can see them! And they don't take a blind bit of notice of me! LOL!! Thanks for sharing yours, Rob! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks Barb - I'm still feeding the hungry hordes:)))) but I love them:))))

We sure do Dianne - and thanks for commenting:)))))

Thanks Shirley - BigW on-line photo graphics have some wonderful specials on different shapes, so it's really worthwhile to check their site out:))))


What a wonderful idea, Rob, must look amazing, all great shots here, Thanks, Rob.


You have many beautiful birds down there !


Wow! So many beautiful, colorful birds that you can see every day of the year....great photos too....thank you so much Rob and Jeremy :)


Thanks Nev - my pleasure:)))) I'm liking your new avatar too:)))))) We used to go yabbying in the dams when I was a kid - it was good fun:)))))

Thanks Janet - I thought you'd get most of them up your way:))) Thanks your lucky stars that you don't have Scrub Turkeys:)))) They are sooo destructive! Luckily we only have them passing through looking for bugs!!!!

Thanks Lunie - we sure get a mixture:)))


You got lots of visitors, and all of them so pretty!


This is amazing thanks Rob and what a fabulous way to remember them. We have most of these but no white Cockatoos and no Scrub Turkeys and a few others. The quality of your camera and zoom shines through here. Hugs my friend. ♥♥


Thank to you both for contributions to this wonderful puzzle. Top post. ♥♥♥

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