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July 19 2021

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165 solves
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these wallcoverings by norwall wallpapers. some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. alib357:39
  2. Honi547:55
  3. Meganrene0129:52
  4. kathy5511:04
  5. Vie11:59
  6. ladybugs80412:10
  7. AngelaB12:11
  8. MarshaG6112:27
  9. harryp12:30
  10. ta_mosquito12:50


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thanks and you're welcome zandra

Interesting patterns, pretty colors, fun to solve! Thanks for sharing your puzzles!


thanks and you're welcome max


Great patterns and really fun to solve! Thank you!


awesome artmac! i've been to nova scotia once, on a hockey tournament but i don't remember where because it was decades ago. what a GORGEOUS part of canada!



a canadian as well nova scotia


thanks you two. i like doing NJTH's puzzles and sometimes do her puzzles in different sizes. a fellow canadian!


very nice Thank You

I’ve typed this before but I just have to do it again, you really do get a better picture of the patterns in this size puzzle. It is such a beautiful puzzle!!! Thank you so much.

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