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Warped Woof (As Large As It Goes)

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208 pieces
172 solves
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  1. harriethedgehog17:12
  2. MIMIC18:58
  3. Coffee19:18
  4. susie720:05
  5. RanaLatastei23:00
  6. msss24:19
  7. lbtsnjb25:52
  8. GoldenCat26:44
  9. mylos27:11
  10. gggttt27:29


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Thanks, Hanne! :-)))


Oh, love this one very much Pat!! It's great fun!!!!:-))


Thanks, whatnauts and Kathy! I've been busy making some new puzzles, including one I filed under "trying something new" (LOL!), so I haven't been solving much, but I'm glad you had fun with this size!


Oh, yes - this was great! 32:26


This was super duper - much, much better than the small version and the clarity is great.


THANKS, Ms. Wendy! :-)))

Judy, I posted the small one yesterday, under my 65 profile! I only posted this 208 size because I got some requests for it larger! LOL! So that was simple!

And I would never get annoyed by your requesting another size--you're right, it's very flattering, and I'm always glad to accommodate people. That's why I post puzzles like today's "embossed?" and "plain?" ones, because I want people to tell me which version they'd rather see in the medium and large sizes. (Sometimes the vote is even, and I eventually post both!). So I am very open to requests!


Pat, you have been very kind in posting some smaller (and very nice indedd) puzzles, but this puzzle was the one I'm drooling over. However, alas, it is too large for me to solve. Could you post a smaller one if possible? This is a rare request from me, and I hope it flatters you rather than irritates. Thanks.


WONDERFUL, Ms. Pat! :-)


My pleasure! :-)))


I enjoyed that, thanks.

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