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Ollie and his red dragon ♥

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Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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Love seeing Ollie and his red dragon - thank you for sharing, Yvonne. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


Now I see the red dragon you were talking about in your email. Ollie looks like he is having a great time. It would be wonderful if we all could get together and have a cup of tea. Seems like we're going to stuck in forever. Take care and much love and hugs.


:))) Wish you could come over and we would have tea and lots of goodies to celebrate your visit! Mint tea it is if that is your favorite Ardy. Yes, this is in our yard. It's not big, the yard I mean, but I love pottering around in it and lots of space for Ollie to play. The red dragon lost a 'wing' that day but I still have it and will sew it back on.
Have a nice Sunday both. Here it is sunny. Going outside now for a while. Love and hugs ❤️ :)))


Love it!!! Wish we all could stop by for a visit...and a cup of tea...I think you prefer mint, right, Ardy? ❤️❤️❤️


Lovely little corner there. Is this is your yard? Ollie and this red dragon are cute. Good to have you posting. Thanks, Yvonne. Hugs ♥♥

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