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Merry Xmas - Happy Holidays To All My Jigidi Friends!!

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  1. pato661:32
  2. vickijs1:54
  3. BarbaraL1:57
  4. 4811102:00
  5. Ianto2:02
  6. skylablue2:06
  7. javasage2:13
  8. mariolyn2:15
  9. Laarnfear2:17
  10. TuckerMcD2:18


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Hahahahaha. Perhaps you should have taken the opportunity to wish me an early merry christmas for this year!!! It's not a big surprise you missed this puzzle. There were lots of xmas puzzles being posted at the time, so it wouldn't have stuck out and since I've only posted a couple of puzzles it's not like you'd be on the lookout for them!!

I can't believe I came across your comment so quickly. The last time someone left me a comment it took me exactly one month to see it :)


Oh my god, I swear I never saw these puzzles! How could I have missed them--especially this one?!!! Damn, I'm sorry! Merry Christmas to you, too--just a little late... :-(((((


mariolyn, you got a terrific time. Glad you enjoyed it.


I came back to do this cute puz. TYVM.


thanks roseh, i hope yours was good.


A Merry Christmas to you whatnauts.


thanks everyone, don't eat too much on the big day!


javasage, hope you are well.


Merry Christmas to you also.


Hey look at you! A very Happy Holiday to you ;-)))


Merry Christmas to you

Merry Christmas to you also whatnauts.

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