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3/3/2310" just keeps coming

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this one didn't show up the other day. looks a lot like another one. snow stopped at about 13" yesterday afternoon. finally getting it cleaned out now. sun is shining from the west at 3 pm, but sky is dark grey in the south-east. hope we've seen the end of it.
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Take care and stay safe and warm ☺☺


Gosh, so much! Can you stay home for a while?

We got more snow here in Calgary last night, but only about 5" on top of previous snow. Our street is in bad shape--rarely if ever gets plowed, but main roads are pretty good. (City snow plows now all have cute names.) Thank goodness my partner clears our driveway and eventually enough of the back deck that we can dump kitchen compost over the rail into our compost bin. He's also sometimes my chauffeur. For the first winter ever, I've shovelled snow only one time. My body won't let me do more this year.

Stay safe & warm! ~Patsy


Same up here in Vermont, @mauismom ! Check out my 8 Garden Show posts for a breath of fresh air & blooms!!


The snow keeps falling off of the roof here and makes QUITE the noise!!!


PS: I lived in Saratoga Springs for 3 winters (years). Remember the size of the snow plows & icy conditions.


Be safe @mauismon
Probably very slippery OXO

It will stop someday! ; )

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