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ꎺᴼᵒ/\ᵒᴼꎺ Rock trails ꎺᴼᵒ/\ᵒᴼꎺ

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On trips to the rocks, there are places that breathe a special atmosphere and entry into them is accompanied by a feeling of mystery and slight insecurity, nothing suitable for claustrophobics
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Marina, you're not Alice but your imagination is amazing, it would be absolutely great to experience that dream world in the 21st century. Lewis Carroll would be very happy from you .... and me too ♥:))


I would gladly crawl into the 21st century's rabbit hole, to reach a fantasy bohemian world with mushrooms inhabited by talking caterpillars and living playing cards.. even if my name isn't Alice.


Judy, I'm so glad my photos entice you to take a trip into the rocks. With a good snack, coffee and tea in a thermos and warm clothes, it would be a great trip for all of us ♥:))


Jill, thank you very much, I had the impression that if the photos are not full of vibrant colors, they are not very suitable as a puzzle. Thank you for your opinion, it´s very oimportant for me in my doubts ♥:))


Dasa, thank you, it is a pleasure for me to go on a trip with you even if it is only virtual ♥:))


I agree with Jillian. They make me want to explore them. :-)


No Deanna that is not the case, your rock photos are terrific, not ‘sad’ at all! 🌞

Deanna, I really enjoyed the trip! Good night and nice dreams, my friend. ♥♥♥


Dear Dasa, I hope I didn't scare you too much. Is it a bit like a fairy tale about an evil witch who lives far away in the rocks, or is there a dragon? I don't know, but sometimes we get anxious in such places. Thank you for going there with me, I promise next time it will be a happier trip. I wish you a good and quiet night and look forward to seeing you ♥:))

Dear Deanna, with these beautiful photos you reminded me of a beautiful fairy tale that takes place in an almost identical environment. The atmosphere was also slightly horror. Thanks for an interesting trip. I wish you a pleasant rest of the evening and a beautiful next week. ♥♥♥


Artola, thank you very much, I'm really glad that we were able to enjoy at least this virtual trip together ♥:))


I agree! I would walk this trail. The photos are great!


Dear Jill, thank you so much for the encouraging words, I needed them. I know the photos are pretty "sad" but they were taken in the winter and the nature is not very colorful ♥:))


That looks such fun and so beautiful, thank you my friend

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