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Lasagna Tarts

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Chef Jonathan Melendez writes,

"I love lasagna but I hate making it. The process always takes way too long (even if you're not making it completely from scratch) and in the end, I feel like it's never worth it. This is why I end up NEVER making lasagna at home. I can't even remember the last time that happened. And I know that now with the no-boil noodles, it's slightly easier, but for me, it's not easier enough for me to go on and whip up an entire lasagna for dinner, especially during the week. It's just not going to happen. I’m always looking for new ways to create lasagna, like this soup for instance, because I still crave it. That's when these Lasagna Tarts come into the picture. They have all of the flavor and layers of a lasagna, without the noodles or any of the hard work. But before you go and feel sorry for the noodles for being left out of the party, the puff pastry takes the place of the noodles, and honestly I think it's a great substitute. They're perfect for a holiday party or gathering, and make for a quick weeknight lunch or dinner, just serve with a salad and you’ll be good to go!"

Recipe at the link.


  1. 1y2n15319:23
  2. lordmojo21:50
  3. kuehner24:50
  4. rojiji36:06
  5. webfoot548:37
  6. Mischka49:14
  7. MC33851:51
  8. ladynoel55:51
  9. ladi_di1:04:49
  10. Gaaa1:06:14


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Yeah! Make it like a quiche! Open-faced cut into little squares to eat in one or two bites.


(I don't know if any of you read what the chef wrote, but when he typed "this soup for instance," that was a link to another page. I try to watch out for those when I copy and paste, so that it doesn't sound nonsensical.)


I have a high-carb diet anyway, but I'd rather have the pasta than pie crust. Still, the fixings would make a great sandwich or sub, so why not open-faced? Good as a meal or appetizers. :-)


Pie......hummm! How would this be in a pie??? Are we using the noodles? That could be interesting!! Huh! Pie! Maybe............... (oh, don't mind me, I'm thinking to myself)


Well, @webfoot5, you were super-fast! :-)

DJ, I think I'd like lasagna in any form... except soup or puree ... how about pie?

Lots of color, but a very challenging puzzle.


Lasanga on puff pastry.....very interesting!!!! hummmmmmm! Kind of sounds good.