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Themes " Wild Animals"

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Antigua Cat Postal Stamps
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Many smiles! ☺♥☺

Just love these stamps! They are so cute. Thanks for sharing with us all stamp lovers.

I need help from all our Jigidi stamp collectors. I am searching for stamps with tea cups and saucers or just cups. I want to make a gift for my daughter and there aren't any in USA stamps. I've found quilts, cars and fish for other gifts but no tea cups. Can anyone tell me if you have seen tea cups in your countries stamps?


Great theme for stamps! I like it, Marina!


I'm glad you like the stamps preciouspaws and Val.


Hi Brighties..we still receive bills and statements by post.. especially those who don't understand the internet, therefore need to see a bill in paper in order to pay it. I've lost a couple of friends who wanted me to write letters and send them by post because they didn't have a pc and never bothered to read their emails on their mobile phones.. It is not a matter of age (my father-in-law is 93 and loves to surf in the internet) but rather a fear to whatever new and technology.


Gorgeous stamps thank you Marina ☺♥


Beautiful artwork in these stamps! Thank you.


Beautiful fun stamps - we no longer post anything, email or watsup messages on our cell phones ☺☺☺ hugs


Janet, I'm glad you like them.

You are welcome, Jill, Carolsmc, 2010August.


Hello Dobra..almost everyone I know sends e-mails, but stamps are still around for parcels send abroad and for collectors.. I am a collector since 1996 but my father, grandfather and great grandfather collected stamps.. It is a great fun to collect them and learn about them.


What a gorgeous pair of stamps thanks Marina. So cute both of them. Hugs my friend. ♥


Marina what a couple of gorgeous stamps you have found for us - beautiful, thank you.


I love beautiful stamps and these are lovely. Thanks, Marina.

Immer wieder Katzen


I like it very much! I haven't seen a postage stamp for a long time - I mainly send emails. :-)

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