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Back in the swamps...

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I used to watch movies years ago, about the blue bayou and the native inhabitants, getting around in their little boats and living in humble dwellings... and of course they were full of intrigue, mystery and skullduggery to make it all very interesting and exciting. i was fascinated with the swamps and the lives lived there and would eagerly watch every movie that arrived. I've been told since that lives there were not quite like that depicted. lol Anyway here is my swamp girl, I hope you like her. I enjoyed drawing her and her lil swamp friends. :) Robyn ♥
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Jsem tak ráda, že se vám moje umění Irena! Miluju k tomu výrazy. Děkuji! :) Robyn
I am so glad you like my art Irena! I love to draw expressions. Thank you! :) Robyn


A beautiful woman with his eyes so bright and look. A nice Sunday Robyne


You know what Gina? I also learned from other people's experiences and lessons. I guess we both held our lives as very special and not to be put at risk! (and yet I would sometimes take a dare, such as --- a young lad warned me that ïf you lick the inside of a car battery your tongue would fall off. Well, as soon as he was gone I stared at the battery for some time, wondering if it was true, and then I gave it a little lick :) I went to bed with dread in my heart and the next morning I woke up with dread in my heart. What a relief when I could feel my tongue lol I think I knew in my heart that it couldn't possibly be true). When it was serious stuff like your alligator story though, and even with far less serious stuff, I took the lesson to heart and never ever followed their pattern in life.
those bad experiences of others, and our own bad experiences, surely do taint the places they happened in. I understand your feeling about Louisiana.
Have you ever felt like this? ... Not wanting to ever live in an area where you have already lived and moved on from there to another town?? I have a very strong feeling about it and even if I loved living there on the whole, (but some negative memories as well), I never would live there again. Strange really. (◠‿◠) Robyn


Thank you Yonx, I'm glad you like my little dancing chickie too! As a child I had a school chum who was fromLouisiana. She said there was a swampy area on their way to school, which kids often used as a little shortcut, til one day they came into class & their teacher was crying. She had just been told that little girl in their class had been killed by an alligator that morning, along their shortcut path! Needless to say, she never took that shortcut again, but what a sad way to learn a lesson!
So many things do mean different things depending on each person's experiences. I don't know positively if that girl's story was true, but I know I believed her & that lesson also made me much more careful about paying attention to the warnings of others. I still love Louisiana, but would never want to live there!


PS I love your cutesy lil dancing chicken avatar :) :) :)


Thank you so much Gina. Your appreciation is much appreciated. I love your comments about the bayous and it's good to see it from one who knows the realities. I guess with all of us, what we live with is our norm'even though others may think it's strange or exciting looking. (maybe it's because we would love to have a change, grass is greener and all that...). It is all so fascinating to me. I must go and look up their music as I love all types of music so far, except heavy metal. I adore the African singing where there are no instruments at all. They have 4 levels of harmony in the songs, absolutely exhilarating.
It's good to see you, and I take it you're feeling quite well at the moment... ♥ ♥
(¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥✿(◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯) ✿ (¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥✿(◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯)


Yonx, She is so beautiful, & you have captured the mystery of the bayous in her eyes, & in this lovely picture. From what little I've experienced, it seems to me that people from the bayou country don't see it as being very mysterious or exciting, because they are used to it. They know the bayous like the back of their hands, & their customs & cooking & such are just a part of their every day life But when we think about it that vast network of swampy pools, where many have actually ventured in but never came out, it really is mysterious to us, & somewhat scary too. Some of the tales are fantasy, but some are also based on reality. It depends a lot on who you talk to. It is for certain that I love their music & their cooking styles!


Gosh thanks a heap sparks, I'm so glad to hear it. I just love to create my own faces and have been doing so since a child. The digital art program has allowed me to venture into another realm, and one so colourful. I go crazy over colour. :) Robyn


She is beautiful, I love your art xx

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