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Just a thought :)

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@colind4 , This is hysterical! We live in Oregon, USA, & there are lots of "Rednecks" here, & they are proud of it.. My Hubby took the lid from a plastic garbage can, turned upside-down, & filled with water. That is our "Rednect Birdbath", LOL!

See, Fowly, colind4, and everyone, I have had good redneck training. Thanks for the fun again!!


I have one that has never done it's real job, thought it might make s mall bird bath., just as Daisym said. And yes, it is a fun puzzle.

Would make a good small bird bath too. Fun puzzle!


Giggle ☺♥


Really low maintenance, Wendy - just fold the cup down, a quick swipe with a brush or a rag, fold the cup back up and throw in some fresh seed.
If it comes on to rain, cover with a small plate. If the rain lasts too long, rig up a bumbershoot. The possibilities are endless.........☺


You know, that's not a bad idea!! .........Wendy

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