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Gray - my little fluffy butt!!

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  1. rrfan5:22
  2. larrycottam6:03
  3. slavka18:35
  4. bseffrin9:48
  5. Puggles123411:11
  6. beyondwords12:14
  7. moonjasmine13:09
  8. nes15:57
  9. rjanson16:54
  10. edetlefs17:55


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Lol!! @beyondwords He is a big fluff!!

Wow! If you hadn't already told us this was Gray, I wouldn't have even figured out what I was looking at, what all that fluff was.


They can certainly be a challenge but so so absolutely worth it!! Thank you!


Hi, Katie. Boy, I hear ya. I have a pom and every 4 days I just gently go from her head all the way down. If I don't keep up, she'll be traumatized with the painful matting - or I have to cut/shave. But she's worth it and so is that beautiful boy!


@meggie Usually he's not terrible with matting but this year he ended up with a bit of hair cut they were so bad!! Sadly he is not a big fan of being brushed unless it's his face (I'd brush him for hours if he'd let me!!) but I try. It's easiest to try when he's distracted by kneading on my arm.His tail is such a magnet for leaves, little sticks and so on!!


Holy smokes that's a tough coat to keep unmatted!


Wellllll. Hi walk off into the sunset.....hee hee.

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