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Breeds Show, Kentucky Horse Park

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From left to right: the Morgan, Criollo, Icelandic, and Rocky Mountain. The Morgan had to be my favorite (having grown up with Justin Morgan had a....), but the chestnut coat/flaxen mane and tail of the Rocky Mountain was a striking combination. The Criollo is an Argentinian breed from the Pampas. And the announcer emphasized that though the Icelandic is small, it is a horse, NOT a pony!

The Horse Park has two breeds shows a day, featuring (in these post-pandemic days) three or four breeds per show. Each appropriately costumed rider takes an individual horse through all its gaits over the course of several minutes, while the announcer gives background information. After each has had his or her turn, all the horses come out and move around the enclosure, weaving around each other. Then, they pose for a photo-op. After all this, the horses move to spots along the fence for a meet-and-greet (and pets) with the audience.

I recorded a video of both shows, but am not sure I can extract a good still from them.

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky.
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