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on my balcony
North vancouver, BC, Canada
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Hi Mazy. I agree. Any rain is welcome in July and August.


LOL N Van gets more than Van does! but we've had tons of rain here - not complaining, we needed it, and it may keep the fire season at bay, or at least not start like it did mid July last year.


H Carol and Willy. Thank you for your notes!! : )


Nice flowers you have on your balcony


Hi Cevas! I love "Nasties" they give such a great touch of color! Pretty puzzle. :)


Mazy, i think its true that the Okanagan gets less rain than North Van. Even Victoria gets less rain than we do. Sigh!

Hi Lunie Didi. I didn't notice the others. I'll go and look for them now.


Seemed to be the flower of the day on Jigidi, Cathy. Several postings i have solved already.


I only live in the Okanagan - you know, where it is as dry as N Van is wet. NOT!!


Hi Mazy. Mine were attacked by aphids. I sprayed them with soapy water and they look OK now. : )


Harrumph mine don't look like that yet - too chilly and wet.

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