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  1. fearlessjumper3:25
  2. Baylee3:29
  3. chocluver93:52
  4. jombu3:55
  5. sarahbelle4644:01
  6. AprilDek4:05
  7. meunyet4:11
  8. Thowra4:18
  9. oldboot4:24
  10. alh4:42


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I love all horses Ruby. My daughter bought an OX arab when she was 14. He couldn't do anything except take people for a ride.... after she had had him for 3 years he could do a very high level dressage and jumped 120cm as well as loving the terain part of eventing. He always had enough energy to do the Whole course twice. She reached No. 5 on the Danish Federations top ten list in 2005 so quite an acheivement. He is still going strong at the age of 22 and he is gorgeous. I have made some Pictures of him into puzzles on jigidi. Probably some of the first puzzles I created. You should be able to find them :D


Hi Annick. I used to ride point -to-point years ago. No way could I afford to keep a horse now. Too old, anyway. I just love Arabs!


Yes, I am. Have kept horses when my girls were younger and now I just judge at horse shows. Would love to own horses again but won't be able to as it costs more than I have to spare. :D


Beautiful! I take it you are a horse fan.......... :-))

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